Western NY trip report: Day 5 Holimont 02/07/18

Holimont was another place I was looking forward to.  Lots of black trails on the map, so was hoping it wasn't a bait and switch.  Nope, lots of nice trails with some good pitch.  There were also a number of nice tree runs all over the mountain.  The Greer side had the nicest trails and bumps, it was once a separate area that Holimont eventually incorporated.  Like much of the trip there was a good 6 inches of fresh all over, perfect amount for the kids.  The terrain park also had some fun stuff in it.  My kids love VW Beetles, so we had to take a pic there.  Very cool Holimont dinosaur too.  Skied from open to close an got almost every trail in.  This is the one place where I couldn't find a discount for the lift tix, had to pay for the girls even!!!  Sometime you gotta splurge.  There was a ski and stay option at some of the local hotels.  But it was cheaper to stay at the casino down the road.  Got one of those super cheap deals from priceline where they don't tell you the exact hotel, but it's obvious.
1345 x 2391 - 938K
2125 x 1196 - 857K
1046 x 1860 - 731K
2125 x 1196 - 837K
2125 x 1196 - 909K


  • Excellent, even a powder day!
    Now I've got to investigate and look into skinh here too.
  • Great reports! Nice to see some from areas outside of the regular SJ reporting areas.
    - Sam
  • Thanks for posting all the reports. Glad you and the girls had fun. Looks like you picked the right days for snow.
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
  • You are truly blessed. Great pics and great memories. I feel like my two girls were that young yesterday, and all of a sudden, we are now doing college tours instead of ski trips.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • We used to ski Holimont one day a year-- when HV season pass holders could ski for a day. A gang of us would start at Plum Creek and ski the entire area. Great place to get away to! Greer was the original ski area in E'ville-- abandoned for years until Holimont bought it and developed it into part of their area. 

    Awesome report! No powder there now, though. What is happening to this winter? How did you do at the Casino? 

    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
  • Great reports Jaytrem! I've visited a few of these but never skied any of these so good to hear details.
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