Sugarbush in April?

The PSIA-Eastern spring Rally is at Sugarbush the first weekend in April, and I'm thinking about going.  Our season in the Southeast ended quickly, so I'm hoping northern VT is doing better.  Anyone care to venture a guess as to what (if any) conditions might be like?


  • Pretty shaky now
  • Early April will definitely be fine for Sugarbush. In a decent snow season, they're usually open through the 5th of May. Early April will most likely be corn snow, but everything off of the Valley House quad will be open, i.e. Spring Fling and Stein's. The snowmaking whales on Steins a month ago were the tallest I had ever seen before they pushed it all out. I would also assume a lot of stuff off of Heaven's Gate will be open too, unless a sever melting event in the latter half of March. It's always a blast being there in April, as everyone is in a good mood.
  • Should not be a problem! Send it!
  • Thanks, guys.  Pulled the trigger for a condo for the weekend, planning on spending a few days prior in Lincoln, NH to catch up with some old friends and, hopefully, make some turns at Loon, Cannon and BW.
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