Western NY trip report: Day 6 Holiday Valley 02/08/18

Our day at Holiday Valley started out a bit rough, at least mine did.  Just when the girls were hitting their stride, I lost mine and fell down the stairs before I even had my ski boots on.  Grabby boots and grabby stairs made for a bad combo.  Tweaked my knee real good and thought for a minute that the trip might have come to an abrupt halt.  Was bad enough that I could click into my binding, had to push down with my arms.  Obviously I gave it a go, just tried to keep most of my weight on the other leg.  Went better than expected, just a lot of twinging when I would move it the wrong way.  Can still feel it 3 weeks later, but seems to be getting slowly better every day.

On to the skiing.  Always saw Holiday Valley ranked real high in all those magazine polls.  Figured there must be something to it, and there is.  They don't have a lot of vert, but what they do have they make the best of.  Lodges are super nice to, nicest ones east of Sun Valley I'd say.  On the mountain I'd say they had something for everybody, just on a shorter scale.  There were plenty of bump runs and mark tree runs, along with a few unmarked we found (still with fresh powder late in the day).  Even with the bad knee it was our longest ski day of the trip, we had a lot of mountain to cover.  Started shortly after opening and left with the lights on, managed to cover the whole mountain, but no doubt missed a couple blacks and blues.  Will probably be my record for lift rides in one day this year, lots of short and some fast lift.  We did manage to get down the legendary Wall.  It wasn't it very good shape, basically bumps every 15-20 feet with super slick in between.  The girls stayed way to the side where it was more powdery after the initial slippage.  Nice thing it you can ride over it first on the chair, so at least you know what you're in for.  Might have been a little stepper than they imagined though.  Luckily the rest of the place had nice soft snow all over.  Good stuff!!!

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  • Wow the girls must be pretty darn good skiers at age six to do double blacks! When did they start skiing, three? Doing glades too.
    Great reports Jay, glad to have pm'd you.
  • Jay--great photos! A trip down memory lane for me as I grew up there skiing and remember fondly doing what you're doing with your two kids with my dad and mom. Bumps on Morning Star? 

    The eskimo is named Happy. There used to be a sign in the Middle Chalet (now the Yodeler Lodge) with him, Old Man Winter and other nordic/winter symbols. In scrip down underneath was the area's official slogan-- Defence de cracher, sur le plancher. I never knew what it meant until I took french and showed my teacher. She burst out laughing. It means 

    "Don't spit on the floor" 
    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
  • ciscokid said:

    Wow the girls must be pretty darn good skiers at age six to do double blacks! When did they start skiing, three? Doing glades too.
    Great reports Jay, glad to have pm'd you.

    Started them right after they turned 4, kinda tricky with 2 at a time.  For a while I would have one on a harness and one between my legs.  Was interesting because they could make parallel turns before they could snowplow.  The first days they got off the harness they were making some real nice turns and just using the snow plow to stop.  Unfortunately they eventually learned that they could use the snow plow all the time, so they regressed a bit.  At any rate, they're okay skiers, definitely "getting there".  No as fearless as some kids.  Most importantly they seem to love it.  That's the great thing about skiing, doesn't matter how good you are, it's a great time at every level.
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