Western NY trip report: Day 7 Hunt Hollow 02/09/18 (This one is for ibrake)

Thank you all for the nice comments in the other threads.  Yup, definitely lucky, making the most of thing while the girls will still let me ski with them!!!

T-bar!!!!!!!!!!  Didn't think much of it at the time, but when it opened after lunch I figured the girls might want to give it a shot.  Hadn't been on a t-bar or poma yet.  Turns out it was the hit of the trip.  First attempt didn't go well, no big deal we had the T all to ourselves.  Second attempt went perfect, lift operator was great and very helpful (thanks again).  Rode about 6 times before heading up to chair and of course had to go back for more at the end of the day.

The rest of the mountain was nice, had a little more sustained vert than the previous few days.  Super friendly people everywhere.  The lady that runs the lunch stand even brought over some complimentary cup cakes for the girls.  Very sweet of her.  I think we managed to ski every run that day, including the double black that may not have really been open.  There was no rope, but I noticed at lunch it was listed as closed.  Nice tree run with a few rocks, but nothing compared to what Mount Snow had open 2 weekends ago (one nice thing about Mount Snow is they're quite willing to open stuff and just put up a thin cover sign, always appreciate that).  Anyway, if you look at the pics be sure to look in that back ground for the crazy igloo looking house.  Looks like it was made with spray foam, reminded me of some Xanadu house my family visited back in the 80s...

Knee held up good and we skied til about 4 I think.  By then it was dumping, made for a very snowy ride to Syracuse.  No traffic though, so we actually made great time.  So we headed to day 7.5 for some tubing (and a few runs of skiing for me) at Four Seasons.

1196 x 2125 - 458K
1793 x 3188 - 895K
1023 x 1818 - 836K
897 x 1594 - 725K
1345 x 2391 - 972K
1196 x 2125 - 895K
2690 x 4781 - 822K


  • IBRAKE approves!!! :D :D :D
  • Great reports! What an awesome trip!
  • Did you say your little girls thought riding the Hall t-bar to be the hit of the trip?!? They have OUTSTANDING taste in ski lifts!!! :D :D :D

    So glad they got to ride one; no doubt they’ll especially seek them out the next time you visit local hills like this.

  • Did you say your little girls thought riding the Hall t-bar to be the hit of the trip?!? They have OUTSTANDING taste in ski lifts!!! :D :D :D

    That's correct. They now want me to take them to some t-bar only places. Might try to get over to Living Memorial before the end of the year. Hopefully hit a few on our upcoming VT/NH trip too.
  • Next time you head to Syracuse contact the Skaneateles Ski Club and the Cazenovia Ski Club for a day pass. Both are base-to-summit Hall t-bar only!
  • Really nice trip report's I have enjoyed reading them!
  • Yeh, I would have liked to hit some of the smaller places along the way, timing didn't work out or they were too fat out of the way with the kids. Also didn't know whether getting a guest pass was easy or not at the private places. Caz mentioned something on facebook getting a free ticket if you have a hogback ticket, so sounded like they were welcoming enough. No ticket but a have a hogback/haystack/Corinthia (sic) patch somewhere. Original plan also had Snow Ridge and McCauley, switch to HV and Holimont when I realized the girls could ski HV for free and that Hunt Hollow was not too far.
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