Western NY trip report: Day 8 Labrador 02/10/18

Our snow luck continued into Syracuse.  The was potential for rain, but it stayed just cold enough for it to stay snow.  The plan was for 1/2 at Labrador and 1/2 at Song with lunch taking place whenever the rain showed up.  Plan worked perfectly, skied til about noon and then some light rain showed up.  Most of the better powder was found off the double chair to the skiers right.  Must not be open the night before since it seemed to have double the powder compared to the main lift.  I used my Finger Lakes ski card (free discount card only available to out of staters, gets 30% off).  They had never seen it before, but they even rounded down on the final price, nice folks.  Looks like I only took 1 pic, guess the skiing was too good and we had two mountains to cover, so no time to waste.  Only disappointment was the t-bar was closed, threat of rain scared people away, so not crowded enough.image
1531 x 2720 - 900K


  • Ah, Labrador, my home ski hill. I know it like the back of my hand, having skied it since 1976.

    What you see is the Borvig triple chair, built in 1985 that replaced one of the two Hall t-bars on the Jacopie trail. That t-Bar you see is nearly 60 years old. It’s my favourite t-bar. Unfortunately it’s no longer used. It hasn’t run in some seasons, from what Lab tells me. :( :( :( I suspect it will be dismantled in a few years.

  • I was told it ran a few times this year.  The guy said he was surprised since it had been years before that.  Looked like it was in nice shape.  Hopefully he was telling the truth.
  • I love this picture.  This too is my hometown hill!  I was on patrol here for a number of years.  Started skiing Lab in 1989 with my high school ski club!  The T-Bar in question was always faster than the triple and kept you out of those northwest winds as you crest the Jacopie headwall.

    Blast from the past!

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