Ciscokid Nubs Nob 3/4/18

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Did the waterpark thing at Boyne mountain yesterday with the grandkids and a punch pass was available on my white gold ski card for Nubs. So the wife and daughter and 2 yr old granddaughter and oldest grandson who has lost ski interest went shopping and moseying around Petoskey where Ernest Hemingway spent much time. 7 year old Tyler ate too much breakfast and took
A look at the front face of Nubs and got queasy quick. He threatened to throw up and I called the wife and they came back to pick him up.

That left just 10 year old Brendan and now I would call a solid intermediate/ advanced snowboarder and I to ourselves tackling at least 90% of all runs. The natural snow was old and hard and not inviting but all man made skied terrific. Clouds and mid twenties to start followed by a couple hours of brilliant sunshine and temps in the mid thirties. Not many people on the hill but the skiable acreage and solid lift layout disperses skiers well. The snow was fast and verycarvable quality.

Had a great lunch in Pintail peak lodge and had a great six hour outing. Easily my favorite lower peninsula area and gets my vote over the Boynes for character, trail layout and aspect skiing. The best( although not today) glade skiing in the lower peninsula bar none and of course the colored Riblets are cool fixed grips with the exception the the 2 Heron Poma doubles. Gets my vote for the best 427' vert ski area on the planet.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
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  • Looks like a great time was had by all.

    You sure giving Sam a run for his money on the # of pics
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  • It’s not a Nubs Nob trip if the blue Poma isn’t given any love. ;)) Fortunately, Ciscokid doesn’t disappoint!
  • I love the brightly colored chairs! Thanks for sharing
    - Sam
  • ski_it said:

    Looks like a great time was had by all.

    You sure giving Sam a run for his money on the # of pics

    Yes a great day with the one grandson, too bad the other two g sons aren't up to Brennys caliber

    No Sam is # 1 volume picture poster AND ski area volume visitor

    It’s not a Nubs Nob trip if the blue Poma isn’t given any love. ;)) Fortunately, Ciscokid doesn’t disappoint!

    I would have rode it of course if it ran, shucks I forgot to ride the Purple free beginner Poma so I'll post the pic) from 2 years ago. I guess it's a diesel?

    I love the brightly
    colored chairs! Thanks for

    Yea me too, except the black on Pintail is blah as well as the brown chair next to the orange base. Green is so so. I like the lighter colors.Schuss mtn at Shanty Creek has them too. They have a pink chair there
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  • Great pictures! Sounds like a good day!
  • It sounded like only having one of your grand kids with you was actually turned out to be a good thing for you and Brendan. It allowed you to not have to baby sit and it gave Brendan a chance to have some one on one time with you and  to spread his wings a little bit. Maybe there will be a day when it will be just you and Tyler and he can have that same experience of one on one time with Grandpa that Brendan go to have.    
  • Yea Ted it actually worked out great because he (Brenny)asked for a slightly shorter board( 135 vs 140 Rossignol) and I still categorized him as level 1 but he may be 2. He really didn't fall at all and my daughter said after he got home requested use of her smart phone to look up info and YouTube videos of snowboarding. He wanted to go to Cannonsburg yesterday to do their jumps and parks but they were closed.He attacked Chute, Smokey and Scarface with no hesitation and would have tried the bumps of Twilight Zone had I said no.

    Like I said he would have gone down any trail I wanted but in good conscience and on the side of caution I felt the old rock hard natural in the glades( Pintail glades looked inviting) could have been an issue for both of us. Southern comfort glades would have been best after they softened in the afternoon sun.He was really "surfing" well with his arms and looked to be in good control.

    Don't get me wrong, the more the merrier and I would have loved to have 13 yr old Carter and 7 yr old Tyler join us and done strictly greens and blues but it wasn't to be. At $58 lift ticket and $32 rental Brenny was aghast to the cost of gramps laying out $90 for him to ride a day but to me it's priceless and with recorded full day GoPro video . I hope 30-40 years down the road he'll remember( and the other 2 boys) grampa was pretty cool at age 59!
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