Caberfae Peaks 3/4/18

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Another trip to Caberfae to get the most out of our season pass. We pulled into the parking lot around 9;30 and it was 2/3rd s full. Normally at that time we can get a nice close spot, I thought we were going to be in for long lines and lots of skier traffic. We went into the lower lodge to boot up and most of the cubbies  were full, but the lodge itself was empty, then it hit me I bet they are having a race today. That is exactly what was going on. Caberfae has invested a lot of money into it's snow making system over the last 5 years and it is really starting to show. they still have a very deep base left and they should be able to make it till April1st (the following weekend they have weddings booked until next fall)  You can see some of the base in these pictures.imageimage
It was just below freezing when we hit the hill and the snow was very hard packed with lots of sugar like snow on  top. We skied for maybe and hour and a half then went in for lunch and a Bloody Mary (I had one for you Bob). After lunch the sun had warmed things up and the sugar like snow had firmed up into a very nice ski surface. One of the best parts of the day was the small mogul field that set up on the South Peak. Over all  it was another Great Dad, Daughter day of skiing. What a great feeling when you get a text msg later that night from your 23 almost 24 year old kid and she says "Thanks for everything toady. I really love skiing with you". Nothing can compare to skiing with family. 
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  • You got that family thing right Ted, but good friends are a close second.
    I can taste that BM and drove right by Cabby's entrance today and was strongly tempted to go say hi to Arlo but being the dedicated employee I am ....imageimage
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