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Peter at Liftblog.com discusses Cooper’s replacing two HSQs
with a Chondola and a bubble six pack for about $20. You can see the full
discussion there. Then there’s a comment Direct Drive. I down loaded Leitner’s
promotion. It seems like an impressive lift drive.

Update: According to V3 in the comments, these lifts
could be built by Leitner-Poma with the first
DirectDrives in the United States.  This would be great
news if true amid a flurry of gearbox-related problems in North American ski
country recently.


Drive Technology

The LEITNER DirectDrive a gearless drive system for
ropeways – is unparalleled across the world. It consists of a low-speed
synchronous motor, and its output shaft is directly linked to the sheave.

Foregoing a complex gear system has considerable advantages in terms of its


High degree of reliability

the LEITNER DirectDrive comprises fewer parts and has a lower rotational speed,
it ensures that systems are exposed to less wear and tear, have a lower risk of
malfunction and are highly reliable. What’s more, the greater level of running
smoothness reduces noise emissions at stations by around 15 dB in comparison to
conventional drive mechanisms. This is advantageous to both passengers and
residents alike.

Gearless, oil-free and sustainable

world’s only gearless drive system for ropeways enables significant costs to be
saved. The LEITNER DirectDrive works using a synchronous motor with an output
shaft that is directly linked to the pulley wheel. The direct drive mechanism
comprises three moving parts (a rotor and two bearings) that move in line with
the rotational speed of the pulley wheel. In contrast to conventional planetary
gear drive systems, absolutely no engine oil is required. In planetary gear
drive systems such as the LP300, the gears require around 350 liters of oil,
which must be replaced after 6,000 hours of operation. Therefore, if the
LEITNER DirectDrive is only operated during the winter months for around 1,500
hours per season, a total of 1,750 liters of oil would be saved after 20 years.
In addition to being significantly less expensive to run, this would, above
all, make the ropeway more environmentally friendly.




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    Wouldn't you still need a gearbox for the evac motor and any additional backups?
  • LiftGuyLiftGuy advanced
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    Typical arrangement is to have a diesel powered pump/motor set up with a pinon gear that acts on a ring gear mounted to the bullwheel.
  • ME2VTskierME2VTskier advanced
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    TomWhite said:

    Peter at Liftblog.com discusses Cooper’s replacing two HSQs
    with a Chondola and a bubble six pack for about $20. You can see the full
    discussion there.

    Please put in an order for me for a couple dozen! New lifts for everybody!

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