Crystal Mountain Mich Ciscokid 3/10/18

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The forecast was nice and we hadn't been to Crystal in two years and I had to get another punch on my white gold ski card so Brendan and gramps drove 210 miles round trip to get in one the very few days left here in the Midwest.

Anticipation image

It was spring " carnival" day with cardboard sled racing and slush cupimageimage

The snow was good and they left several trails ungroomed and heavy wet powder was to be found on many especially along the edges. Although flattish and short they provided a nice sensation. Meagans way in honor of Ted's daughterimageimageimage

The old Cheers centerpole double chairs were removed and the cable in the last two years. The young Sky trac 's were doing their job Buck and Loki and the Poma high speed quad

Another great bonding time with Brendan who listened diligently to grandpa's tales of yore for four hours of driving for five hours of skiing and riding. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY image
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  • Looks like a good time. Thanks for the Megan’s Way pic. Glad that Brendan and you had more bonding time. That kind of time is priceless.
  • He got to take a little nap as you drove home? Priceless.
  • Looks gorgeous
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    I've discussed this with Ted. Obviously we are vertically challenged here in Mi and are willing to drive several hours at high speeds to ski areas that max at 550' vert. So with that in mind we try to diversify by trying the several areas in this state. As great a value Caberfae provides it's a half hour longer drive to Crystal for a nice change of pace( 100' vert shorter at Crystal than Cabby) but has trails at virtually 360 degree aspects. Yea it has condos, townhouses, power lines through it, and no where near the history of Cabby but gave us fine entertainment for five hours.
    They must have received around ~a half foot or so this past week which made the glacier Valley glades a easy fun glade area. Southeast facing Buck glades were sparsely covered and said closed on the report but not roped off and several adventurous spunky youg'ins were hacking their way through.
    On google maps they don't have the Backyard lift and short trails between the southwest facing Ridge CTEC triple and the Northface lift where Meagans way is. I think natural snow only Nosedive was skiable but roped off.
    What I liked this year was this year similar to Nubs , Crystal left sections of Buck and Thor ungroomed and I would estimate 30% of trails ungroomed that "hunters" could search for little powder stashes. not that it was "wet" like I mentioned earlier, it was just that heavier snow, not cold smoke.
    With 3 fixed grip and 1 high speed quad and a triple( 2 carpets) there was maybe a max of 5 minute wait, especially at the HS quad.
    Crystal doesn't provide the same content as Nubs or the Boyne's but is not afraid to ask for coin, $38 for snowboard rental! And $44 for a 10 yr old junior rate,$82 total compared to $90 Nubs. ( liftopia would have saved $5 for an open to close but 5 hrs was plenty)
    With the cost of another grandson a sharp shopping skier has to shop carefully for best value.
    But like I said many a time, what price can you put on spending precious time with your kids or grandkids, right?

    Here's google and tomtom,-85.9961018,15z/data=!3m1!1e3
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