Tenney Mountain 3/11/18

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Date Skied:  3/11/18

Weather:  30°F; partly cloudy - flurries - squalls

Conditions:  Packed powder, powder

Run of the Day:  Hornet 



Looks like I might have the first Snowjournal Tenney report! [edit: looks like I missed Becca's little teaser] First time visiting but I've been following quite a lot on Facebook and here.  I certainly now have an appreciation of how tough it is to get a place open to begin with.

I have to say, all in all the staff from the parking attendants (yes there were THREE of them ... one of them Hank the manager), the ticket sellers, to the lifties and patrol were all very friendly and happy to be there.  Seems most skiers were local or grew up in/around Plymouth.

Coverage was very good.  They claim to have gotten 14" from the recent nor'easter and I belive it.  Nice and soft up top.  The sun and some moisture down below made the lowest bit by the lodge a little bit firmer.   Over night saw a trace or so of snow and there were flurries and a light squall in the morning. 

Every trail is groomed to some extent.  Some places full-width while other places one pass.  Mostly determined by how much brush work was done.  Many places only half a trail was fully brushed.

Terrain is low-gradient but excellent. Always varied. I don't think I faced two consecutive turns that had the same characteristics:  grade, cross slope, turn length, etc.  The trails remind me very much of the old school Main Street at Stowe before they blasted the bejesus out of it.  Makes the trails very fun to ski (but I imagine a b**** to make snow on and groom).

The double isn't as bad as past reports while they were closed made it out to be.  158 chairs on the 5985' Hornet meant 75' spacing and ~10 seconds between chairs gives a rough 450 fpm.  13.5 minutes to the top.  

Obstacles and thin cover are very well marked! 

What's open:  top of #5 Morning Glory to Hornet and below Edelweiss; #8 Hornet to Edelweiss (bottom two pitches closed); #9 Shooting Star (including the headwall); #10 Edelweiss full length; #30 Coming Home; and #39 Chipmunk.  #12 Tote Road was groomed but I couldn't find it (unless it leads to #29 Chicken Out and to the headwall of Shooting Star) and #11 Half Moon was groomed but roped off.

The tele patroller told me they have a 100% inbounds off-piste policy and was really talking it up. But I'm not super comfortable with that stuff and didn't have wide enough skis for off trail.  

Good news:  45 cars in the lot when I left at 12:30.

Get it while you can!  I hope they get some more with Monday/Tuesday's nor'easter!!



The Hornet from above:

Lowest pitch on Hornet (closed but poached):

Lowest of Edelweiss under the Hornet:

First run took me to the top of Shooting Star's headwall ... thinest cover, but well marked:

Old vs. New ... 1964 lattice Stadeli with the cell tower and wind turbines in the back:

Upper floor of the lodge is in great shape, 2 weeks or so to food/booze:

A 3D topo map in the lodge ... you can faintly make out the trails ... the ski lift lines don't match the double and triple, both go further:


  • Awesome Obie!

    Love the lattice Stadeli!

    Nice details, skiing natural= nice soundless and feel

    Thanks for the pics!
  • Great to see them open.  It's been too long since my last visit.
  • Finally, the report we've been waiting for! Thanks
    - Sam
  • Love the report. Been following the comeback since the beginning.
  • Excellent!! Thanks for the report
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  • 2nd Saturday in a row and the conditions at Tenney just keep getting better. Slid under a rope 3 times and had a ball carving some Tele turns in 10” of powder. It got tight in parts of these trails, bush whacking required but it opened up again and the turns were real sweet.
    Rode the lift with Sir Michael and got a overview of his plans and if they pan out Grafton County will never be the same and Tenney will be in the big league of N.H. ski resorts.
    I gave him my thoughts about expansion of the skiing and he was very receptive of them.
    A season pass is forthcoming but he didn’t say when. Hope he moves on they quick so he doesn’t miss the early pass purchasers.
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