What ski areas can be seen from Stratton?

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I was watching videos of Stratton on YouTube and Bromley is clearly visible. That got me thinking: it’s the highest peak in southern Vermont so surely it must have a beautiful panorama. Magic and Killington Peak are visible but what else? Okemo? Ascutney? Sunapee?

Enquiring minds want to know! :D



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    I believe Mt. Snow is visible from the east side trails? Possibly Okemo, too?
  • DrJeffDrJeff advanced
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    Bromley is easy to see, Magic you get a small glimpse of, same with Okemo and Killington. Personally I've never been able to see Mount Snow from the trails at Stratton, likewise you can't see any Stratton trails from Mount Snow...
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    from the main face: bromley, okemo, magic, ascutney, killington, sunapee. from the shooter lift near the top the north face of mount snow can be clearly seen. from the far west side of the north face (west meadow, janeway) whiteface and gore,
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    From the Stratton Sun Bowl, if you look to the southeast,  you can see Mt. Wachusett. From Wachusett on a clear day you can see the trails Haystack, or whatever they call it now, Mt. Snow, the Sun Bowl at Stratton, a bit of Killington, the backside of Sunapee. some of Mt Greylock, but not any part of the Thurderbolt, and maybe,  on a very clear day with a good imagination, the top of Mt. Washington.
    And from the summit on a clear day, the tall buildings in downtown Boston are visible. I don't think you can see Blue Hill, but I could be wrong. Great views from what is said to be, at 2,006 feet above sea level, the highest mountain in New England east of the Connecticut River and south of the New Hampshire border.
  • skipro77skipro77 intermediate
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    You could see a little bit of Stratton from the top of Maple Valley.
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    Stratton can be easily seen from Killington Peak and it looks beautiful.
  • ciscokidciscokid expert
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    I'm sure Stratton "looks beautiful " from Bromley
  • jgrecojgreco intermediate
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    I nominate Greylock Ski Club as you can see Mt. Greylock.

    Also thought I spotted Gore trails?

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    ciscokid said:

    I'm sure Stratton "looks beautiful " from Bromley

    No doubt!
  • newmannewman advanced
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    ciscokid said:

    I'm sure Stratton "looks beautiful " from Bromley

    I wonder how good Flattens snowmaking system looked in motion from Bromley when theirs was down.
  • joshua_segaljoshua_segal expert
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    We can see Stratton from the top of Crotched - so I assume they can see us.
  • djaskipa68djaskipa68 intermediate
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    I can't remember if was South Ridge area of Killington you could see Stratton very briefly. Okemo I know Magic is clearly visible on Dream Weaver. Not sure if it was from Upper Mountain Road that you can see Stratton. Snow Valley can be seen from the top of Stratton. From the top of the North Face at Mt Snow you could the snowmaking on the top portion of Kidderbrook.

    What about Ascutney when the has was installed?
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