Snow Totals in March 2018

We already have a few threads for individual weekends and storms.  Does anyone know how to track snowfall totals over time across multiple locations in New England?  Is there a NOAA tool for that?  I know the snowpack maps, and Mansfield stake, and other reference points.  Just wondering about aggregate daily accumulations without having to look point by point. 


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    Go to and click on the region of interest. The data is split up by NWS office.  Then on the first/leftmost column select "Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6)", then in the 2nd/location column select your weather station of interest, and keep the 3rd/timeframe column on most recent and then click "Go".

    You will get a popup in a new window with daily weather data for that station. For reference, Manchester NH has 31.5" this month alone.

    Unfortunately, they are few and far between, and not all record snowfall.
  • ^^ great thanks!  you're right, there isn't a lot of coverage, but still very cool. 
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