Mad River Glen, March 21, 2018

Another spectacular day of skiing today, this time at Mad River Glen!

While I've skied Mad River in the past, this was the first time to be able to get out and really explore the mountain. I was able to ski most of the day with Eric Friedman, marketing director, friend and NELSAP enthusiast. It was a great experience, as he showed me some of the mountains best attributes, while pushing me just enough to enjoy trails that I otherwise would have skipped, like Lower Antelope (classic narrow New England bump run) and Catamount Bowl (wide, steep moguls). He also took me down "The Rat", an unmarked trail that scoots through the woods and is about 3 feet wide in places. 

Weather was ideal for late March - just cold enough that trails stayed packed powder, with filtered sunshine. Views went on forever...northern Lake Champlain, Whiteface, Mt. Washington, Lafayette, etc. 

Although limited grooming was done last night, most of the lower angle trails had been groomed since the storm and were packed powder. Really no ice anywhere. 

Upper Antelope is one of the best intermediates out there - just a classic run from the summit with amazing views and twists and turns.

Every trail on the mountain has character - it is a true authentic ski experience. Trails change character frequently on the way down, some starting narrow and widening, others vice-versa. You'll never get bored, regardless of your ability level. And of course, you can ride up the only single chair in the East -  only 10 minutes to the top, for 2000' of drop and runs that go on for miles.

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  • Great report! Glad you were able to get over and explore it with a guide who knows where the stashes are. 

    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
  • Only thing missing , blue sky!
    Good stuff
  • Great pictures!
    - Sam
  • Nice report and nice pictures.

    Glad to hear you got to try out the Rat. One of my favorite trails, and happy it is still not on the map. Like you said, it gets real narrow at times, and can get congested. I remember having a pile-up on the Rat, in one of those narrow sections, and around a blind corner. Someone fell, and the next 10 or so people coming down just added to the crash scene as there was no way to avoid it. Reminiscent of one of those old police chase scenes from Smokey and the Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard, or the Blues Brothers.  

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