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Just finished publishing to photographic articles about Whaleback on Remontees-Mecaniques. Per Skytrac, the T-Bar is actually from Cobleskill, NY. It had been purchased by Plattekill, but never installed so it was sold again to Whaleback.
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  • Great pics of the Hall! It was neat watching the install be recorded on Whaleback’s FB site last summer. I believe it had been sitting in storage for thirty years so I’m glad it was given a second life.
  • Thanks Conrad!

    Any timeframe to look forward to the Numerous Boyne's pics on RM?

    Just watched our 2 day "adventure" @ the Boyne's
  • Thanks! Didn't know that about the T-bar
    - Sam
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    ciscokid said:

    Thanks Conrad!

    Any timeframe to look forward to the Numerous Boyne's pics on RM?

    Just watched our 2 day "adventure" @ the Boyne's

    Just got to get through a couple of brand new Sugarbush reports first. The moderators on R-M have been very busy (skiing) so that's part of the reason for the delay.
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    The information on the T-Bar looks very accurate. The only thing I see a little off is the capacity which is 450 skiers/hr with 20 carriers.

    Some additional information - It was originally a 1981 Hall Model 300 and the lift also uses components from the North Face T-Bar at Plattekill (not just the smaller Cobleskill lift). For instance, The Cobleskill lift only had 4 towers but due to the different lift profile at Whaleback a 5'th tower was needed and this came from the other T-Bar in storage at Plattekill. The haul rope is also new (old was only 5/8" and deemed too small).
  • Thank you very much for the information newpylong! I missed your post originally, but will seek to update the report soon. Interesting that the equipment is so recent: 1981. It must have flown under the radar when it was originally installed and did not make the SAM Lift Construction Survey.
  • Sorry I could not find a better thread nor did I want to create one for this. If anyone is bored and wants to get up close and personal with WB:

    Cooler days and nights are here and winter is coming quickly! We have a lot of work to do to get The Whale ready for winter and need your help! Join us this Saturday (October 20) for a fall cleanup and volunteer day from 10:00-3:00. Help of all ages is greatly appreciated, come join in the fun and get your community supported, non-profit mountain ready for ski season! Lunch will be provided for volunteers thanks to a wonderful donation by the Co-op food stores.

    Trimming: The main trails will be mowed before the snow flies, but we need help weed wacking and clearing some of your steeper favorites such as Blowhole, Upper Face and Jawbone. If you have a weedwacker, please bring it along, your help is greatly appreciated!

    Painting: We have plenty of painting to make The Whale shine! Wear your painting clothes and come help paint the various buildings around the mountain! Paint is provided thanks to a kind donation from LaValley Building Supply in West Lebanon
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