Surface lifts and snowboards...

marcskimarcski advanced
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They say its difficult, but this guy seems to have it mastered....


  • CannonballCannonball advanced
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    Haha! I used to work as a liftie at the Storm King poma on the summit of Copper. This is a high-speed detachable surface lift. It's one of the hardest surface lifts for even skiers to ride, and tends to have a very unforgiving audience. Usually after 2 failed attempts and a ton of ridicule snowboarders would either just give up and go away or go for the drag method seen in this clip. Of course it's terrible for the lift and would often cause problems, which would bring even more ridicule.

    I was a skier then. When I first came back to Copper years later as a snowboarder I have to admit I was pretty nervous about attempting it. Not so bad though.
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