more ski lift guess-where's

I rode some cool lifts this winter.

1. where is this?

2. and this?

3. surface lift?

4. almost cropped out of photo, where is this mid-mountain magic carpet lift?


  • Having followed your adventure's over the years I have an idea and will keep it quiet for a while, except to say it's somewhere where I would like to be right now.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • #2 Alta
  • LiftGuy said:

    #2 Alta

    Correct.  I rode this chair, Albion center pole double by Yan, in March at Alta.  It has about 950' vertical and took a nearly intolerable 20 mins to get to the top.  They have it set on a really slow speed, which normally I am cool with as part of the nostalgia, but this was really SLOW.  This and the Sunnyside HSP triple are included in the 3-430PM $10 ticket Alta offers everyday.  
  • 1. Norquay

    3. Lake Louise?

    4. Revelstoke?
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    Jaytrem is correct on all three guesses.  That chair at Norquay is really unusual!  Set up in a pulse mode, where four chairs come to loading platform in close succession, then there is a big 200 yard gap until the next four.  The chairs slow down at loading and unloading, almost giving you a feel of a detachable lift.  They are attached to the cable so that they arrive at the base loading area and the summit unloading area in sync and allowing you to get on and off the lift in a tidy manner as they slow down.

    This info is from the Norquay website:  The oldest ski resort in the Canadian Rockies where skiing has been a family affair since the 1926. Our first ski cabin was built in 1927 and the first rope tow was installed in 1941. The North American or “Big Chair” has been providing riders with Bow Valley views since 1948, making it one of the oldest chairs in North America.

    The Cliff House at the top of Mt. Norquay's North American lift was built in 1952.  I was going to take my non-skiing wife up there for some sight-seeing, but it was closed during late ski season.  I think it is popular destination in summer for tourists.

    The summit platter lift at Lake Louise is also quite distinctive.  It has quite a bit of vertical for a surface poma, 1345' and it gets quite steep about half way up.  If you fall there are ropes laying on the ground near the lift line that you are supposed to grab to arrest your fall and get out of the way of others below you.
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    It won’t show it, but I gave you a ‘Thumbs Up’.
  • LiftGuy said:

    It won’t show it, but I gave you a ‘Thumbs Up’.

    Me too!!
    I've ridden 2 out of 4 and your pics are the best
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