Mt. Snow, Vermont, 4/9/18

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On Monday I experienced what was perhaps the best day of spring skiing I ever had. How often do you get all of the below, let alone on April 9?

Perfect temps - starting in upper teens, ending at 32
Parking in the first row closest to the lodge
Bluebird sunshine, and warm sunshine at that
Making second chair up
No wind issues
$37 ticket at a major resort (Liftopia)
No liftlines or crowds
Virtually the entire mountain open (minus Sunbrook)
Perfect snow - either groomed to perfection, or packed powder, or even powder stashes in the woods. The snow never really softened up except maybe the bottom 100-200 of vertical or on south faces
The chance to ski trails that are not always open, let alone in April
Skiing the most amount of miles (40) and vertical (38k) in over 10 years, from 9-4 with 25 min lunch stop

It was just amazing - the stars really aligned here - it was too good to be true, but it was...

I've skied Mt. Snow several times, but I always considered it a bit tricky to get there, especially going through Wilmington. In Nov, we discovered a "new" way to go there by Haystack that shaved off about 6 miles and 15 min which made a big difference.

My goal was to ski as much as possible as this is possibly my last day of the season, as my schedule is getting more hectic later this month. And, to ski every trail that I could (minus a few trails on the North Face). I accomplished this, as you can see below in the map.

It was a blast to ski trails that I either haven't skied often, or weren't open every time I've been there - like Tramline, Uncles, Narrow Gauge, Ledge, Iron Run, Hop, Shootout, Cutoff, Olympic, One More Time, and Fool's Gold. Ledge was a surprise - it's a narrow bump run with lots of surprises. Fools Gold feels like a forgotten slope at Carinthia - it's the farthest out and didn't have the features the other trails there. Narrow Gauge was a quick zip under the Heavy Metal double. Uncles and Cutoff features interesting turns at just the right pitch. 

This really put a big exclamation point on an incredible end to the season - I had such awesome days at Mad River, Berkshire East, Stratton, Tenney, Cranmore, and Catamount that this will be a season to remember.


540 x 960 - 85K
1080 x 608 - 269K
1080 x 608 - 255K
1080 x 608 - 279K
1080 x 608 - 337K
1080 x 608 - 278K
608 x 1080 - 226K
1080 x 608 - 277K
1080 x 608 - 339K
1080 x 608 - 373K
1080 x 608 - 175K
1080 x 608 - 314K
1080 x 608 - 312K
1080 x 608 - 320K
1080 x 608 - 260K
1080 x 608 - 307K
1080 x 608 - 321K


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    Looks like you couldn't have asked for a better spring day! Great pictures
    - Sam
  • ski_itski_it expert
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    Sweet!!! Jealous ...even though I was there the day before. Dang I forgot to go down Narrow Gauge. I like to hit that one. And shhhh don't tell people about (Upper) Ledge. But wasn't it nice? It isn't always-that's spelled L-e-d-g-e.
    Wow 38k? Now that's some skiing
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  • ChuckstahChuckstah advanced
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    Great report!  I was there yesterday and concur, great conditions, and it snowed about 3 inches during the day.  I hit a lot of same trails as you, but not nearly as many.  As for Ledge, it took me out.  Most of it skied OK, but near the bottom  hit a solid ice flow covered by the new snow and went down hard, but still in one piece. Maybe one day next week to close it out?
  • skizillaskizilla novice
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    I went to snow today and had a mixed experience.  I decided to ski every trail on carinthia and 90 % were groomed immaculately then about 12 i went over to the main mountain and everything was a mess.  About half was groomed and that  was chopped up[ by mid day they did not open the area by bear trap which irradiated me there were plenty of people  Then i went to northface expecting it to be all bumped up and it was in great shape.  Also the snow never really hit that buttery corn feel except on carinthia or the last 400 vert of the mountain it was 3 inches of new snow that by noon was very slow,..

    Good skiing just saying they did not bother to groom trails anywhere else would basic greens and easy blues on the main face it was weird or them being cheap.  Got a 40 dollar ticket so that was good too. and Yes Ledges is awsome
  • skizillaskizilla novice
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    What app are you using
  • NELSAPNELSAP advanced
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    The app is called Trace
  • DrJeffDrJeff advanced
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    Sweet!! Fools gold is a hidden Paradise on a powder day for my wife and I!!
  • ski_itski_it expert
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    Ok, can you see why we need an SJ armband or something? 3 or more of us SJers on a spring deserted Monday and nobody even says "How do you do"?" to each other?

    I'm sure we Mt Snow semi irregulars know each other by sight or by skiing method and don't even know it.
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  • SnowmasterSnowmaster advanced
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    Is the green plaid still handed out over at ski-vt-l ? Maybe we could do something similar, or horn in on their thing.
  • JimKJimK advanced
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    Wow, all these Northeastern April trip reports with good snow are blowing my mind.  It's going to be 75-80 the next four days here in Wash DC area.  I am going to play golf today and the question is whether I wear shorts or not?

    Maybe a topic for another thread...when has the East seen a winter with such a false finish?  Season looked almost over in late Feb in many places after uncooperative mid-winter, only to come back strong in March and April?
  • obienickobienick expert
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    How was Olympic? Skied it after a groom the last time I was up at Mt. Snow about two weeks ago and it was brutal. Poor groom job over water ice.
  • NELSAPNELSAP advanced
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    Olympic was good - chopped up powder but quite skiable, but the entrance did have some exposed ice/windblown conditions.
  • ciscokidciscokid expert
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    Great great report, love the ego lattice!

    So no snowjournal members met you?
  • NELSAPNELSAP advanced
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    I don't think anybody was able to make it....but no worries. I needed that day to decompress after a long week and it was an incredible day to do so.
  • mtsnow123mtsnow123 advanced
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    I was there on Monday too! It was soft, sunny and super carvable. My favorite part was no one was there.
  • NELSAPNELSAP advanced
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    I did talk to a lot of interesting and enthusiastic people on the chairlift, except for one time, when the person couldn't be bothered because she was yelling at her daughter on speaker phone :(
  • SpruceSpruce intermediate
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    I thought I was done but still have the itch... thinking about this Saturday 4/21. What should we expect crowd-wise?
  • ChuckstahChuckstah advanced
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    Mt Snow was good today, with wall to wall snow everywhere.  Carinthia was nice and soft , while the North Face, lets say firm.  Even got into some glades with great coverage, no rocks, logs, almost nothing to hit.  As for crowds I would think Saturday will be pretty busy with pent up demand for bluebird spring skiing, but lines should be very manageable.  II'll be back for Saturday.
  • sugarloafsugarloaf expert
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    I'll be up there on Sunday with my son. We wanted to ski Gore, but 14 trails are not worth a three hour drive.

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