Gondola for Montpelier?

If David Blittersdorf has his way, you'll soon be able
to ride a refurbished ski gondola between downtown Montpelier and the
National Life Group headquarters on a hill across the river. It may seem
like an outlandish notion, but it's actually a growth industry. "Ski
lift manufacturers are finding that the ski industry is not the future,"
he said. "They're going into public transit."

(scroll down to second half of column.

I always thought this would be a good idea in Burlington.....connect the University Mall/Dorset Street area with downtown. Could be used for commuters, tourists etc.

Location: Greater Burlington, VT


  • Yes, Blittersdorf has been discussing this for a very long time. It is quite the trip to get around to the NLG building. He ventured into the transportation world after renewables (He founded a wind power company and now owns a solar PV company). His plan is to bring train commuting back in VT! I like the other day. 

    Funny story: I wrote an undergraduate paper on installing a gondola in Burlington to offset car travel. I got a poor grade because the class's TA thought it was a fantasy that a gondola would be installed in a city. I was shocked to read that comment.
  • Disney World just built one. They chose the gondi rather than building more famous monorail. Said it saves big on operation costs and maintenance.
  • It works in Bolivia, Venezuela and a few other places that have hilly terrain. Great idea
  • There is one planned for New York State fair venue. 
  • Liftblog.com has documented urban gondolas in South America.
  • There is a proposal to add one in the Boston Seaport district.

  • Are we talking gondolas or aerial tramways?  New York has an aerial tramway to and from Roosevelt Island; (Pittsburgh, PA and Quebec City have funiculars).

    I think there is a town in CO, perhaps Telluride, that has a chairlift as public transportation.
  • It is gondolas. Telluride is a gondi from the old town to
    the mountain village. I believe it free and runs something like 7 to 7.
    Currently on Liftblog.com is the LA story. Below is an older one.

    All about ski lifts, tramways and gondolas

    Mayor, Dodgers Back a 3S Gondola in Los Angeles

    April 26, 2018Peter


    Record Fifth Urban Gondola Opens in La Paz

    September 29, 2017Peter

  • As a Montpelier resident (well, East Montpelier) I'd be down with this. I don't go to National Life but I certainly have to deal with the traffic that turns in and out for there. With the new hotel planned for behind the Capitol Plaza, it seems like a no brainer. It's not the first people mover here anyways-- there's the gondola over 108 for Stowe as well. 
    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
  • When I used to work at National Life, I either skiied, snowshoed, or hiked down off the hill to eat at home at lunchtime (I lived over on Spring st at the time) was a nice trip, but took a bit of effort to get back up the trail to National Life. A Gondola would be sweet! 
  • We were in Bolzano Italy a few years ago and they have 3 gondolas as part of their public transit system.
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