Squaw Alpine Meadows Gondola

Of course, there are many interesting skiing subjects
outside our NE focus. Within the proposed Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows gondi
link is a general (and unique) lift concept. An alternative discussed on
Liftblog.com is 2 of the 3 sections run off the same bullwheel (3

para. Below). Is there a lift using that concept today?


The lift would move 1,400 skiers per hour in 8-passenger cabins
painted white to blend in with the winter environment.  It would operate
from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm with skiing allowed from the mid-station(s) when
conditions permit.  There would be separate drive systems and separate
cabin parking facilities at each end so two sides could operate
independently.  The middle section of the lift would operate as part of
the Alpine Meadows side and approximately 40 percent of the cabins would be
stored at Squaw Valley with the remaining 60 percent at Alpine during storm
events and the summer.

2 is the one originally proposed in late 2015
stretching approximately 13,000 feet with 35 towers and two angle stations in
areas known at the Buttress at Alpine Meadows and the Saddle at Squaw. 
During normal ski hours, guests could unload at either mid-station.  One
drive terminal would be located beneath the Gold Coast Funitel and the
other adjacent to the Alpine Meadows base lodge, which the gondola would cross
over at 50 feet above ground.  Eight Gazex exploders would be built to
mitigate avalanche hazard along the line.  This proposal became criticized
for its proximity to the Granite Chief Wilderness, with some noting the land
for stage two was intended by Congress to become wilderness if the private
landowner ever agreed to sell.  More on that in a minute.


Under Alternative 2, the Alpine Meadows angle
station would be flown in by helicopter and operate with minimal power from a
line generator.  The Squaw mid-station could be reached by road but would
also be minimally powered.  Under this alternative, a double grooved
bullwheel could allow the middle stage to run off of motion derived from the
Alpine Meadows base area, which would be pretty slick.


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    Hey that is very interesting in a number of areas. Thanks for sharing.

    That Gazex Exploder caught my eye. Never heard of such a thing. I’ve got to ask my friend who works for CDOT if he ever gets to fire this puppy.
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