2017-18 "bottom line" thread

The Gunstock post about their loss for the year motivated me to start this thread:

Please post financial news from northeast resorts as they come in. A really interesting season with (likely) interesting financials.

If you have intel or links, please post here as a clearinghouse.


  • At the end of Feb., the VT ski areas reported they were off 15% in skier visits from last year - but they didn't translate that to $$$.
  • Took a look Peak Resorts. They don't report full winter results until July. But in their third quarter ending at the end of January they indicated revenue at the Northeast resorts was up "minimally". They also note a nearly 100 degree swing from the coldest (-25) to the warmest (70) temps! They also commented that February had been warm. So not good going into February more or less flat. March probably wasn't enough but it will be interesting to see how much of the hole it filled.
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