Boyne Mountain, MI chairlifts

The Boyne Mountain Remontees-Mecaniques series is here! We begin the tour of the living museum with the Disciples Ridge chairlift. A Riblet install, it was built here in 1996 (likely relocated). Boyne's website says the Disciples expansion began in 1995, but I've confirmed 1996 as the year. Bonus points for those who can spot the cameo appearances of Snow Journaler's!

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  • I think I am disqualified for the bonus points.
  • Holy Shazam Batman, I mean Conrad!
    One lift ( disciples 1) and 9 to go!?( or did I miss link to other 9?)

    Now I see where the 919 came from
  • ciscokid said:

    One lift ( disciples 1) and 9 to go!?( or did I miss link to other 9?)

    Just Disciples I so far. Should be able to go forward at a rate of one chairlift per week.
  • Looks like there's a few blue jean helmetless skiers left at Boyne and some dude trying to look like an oversized park rat with his long john t shirt
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  • Your standard weekend attire at Mountain Creek NJ
  • Next we present the Alpine chairlift at Boyne Mountain. Definitely an uncommon lift. Seems to be a relocated Doppelmayr originating in the 1970's. I've confirmed it was built on this site in 2002 and opened February 2003. If anyone has more information let us know.
    Once again there are Snow Journaler cameo appearances, though you have to look much closer this time.


  • Yowza, worth the wait , still 700 to go

    I see those MCreek attired dudes again blotting up fine photography

  • The series continues with Disciples II and more cameo appearances:


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    Oh my goodness, there's Waldo and Cisco

    Worth the wait , thanks Conrad!

    And only 30% done, so much more to look forward to!
  • So looking forward to skiing Boyne again...and THIS time also hitting up Highlands and Nubs!
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