Bucksaw Being Removed

The Bucksaw Double at Sugarloaf is being removed this summer and won't be replaced!

In all of our planned lift upgrades for this summer, our first priority is ensuring that all of our lifts are as safe as they can possibly be. That means retrofitting some of our older lifts with newer, automated braking systems and anti-rollback technology. While these upgrades may not be required by the lift manufacturers or inspectors, they are necessary for us to live up to our commitment to lead the ski industry in lift maintenance and safety practices.

In the list of scheduled upgrades provided in our initial announcement a few weeks ago, you may have noticed that the Bucksaw was not included. The reason Bucksaw was left out was that our team needed more time to determine what would be required to bring this lift up to our new standards, and whether or not that work would be feasible.

Bucksaw is Sugarloaf's oldest lift, having been installed in 1969, and while it has been a reliable workhorse throughout the years, we will not be able to upgrade it to our new standards, without essentially replacing the entire lift. And, as Bucksaw is also Sugarloaf's least utilized chairlift, this would simply be cost prohibitive.

As a result, we have made the decision to take the Bucksaw lift out of service, and will be dismantling it later this summer.

The good news in all of this is that once the Bucksaw lift is removed we will be able to upgrade the snowmaking system on Windrow, allowing us to make more snow on that trail and open it earlier in the season than we ever have before. And, given its location on the mountain, limited operating schedule, and extremely low ridership, the volume of skiers transported by Bucksaw will easily be absorbed by the SuperQuad and other lifts.

While it will be sad to see a piece of Sugarloaf's history leave, it is a necessary step for us in raising our lift safety standards, and will ultimately be a positive step forward in our continued work to upgrade the physical assets of our resort.

- Sam


  • I have to kinda say "awwwww". :((  I rode that lift many many times in 1970-1976, when for the first several of those years it was Sugarloaf's only chairlift. As a lower intermediate at the time, I got to ski a lot of terrain with longer runs than I could get off the T-bars (except for Tote Road, of course). But the top sections parallel to the Chicken Pitch were quite challenging! I can still picture leaning back on the unaccustomed backrest, looking up at the impressive summit and enjoying the sun on my face.
  • Look at the responses on their Facebook page! People aren't taking it well at all!
    - Sam
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    Safety is paramount, but do the work that is required to get it to pass inspections and don't remove it until you have something to replace it. Look what happened to South Ridge at K. What they really need is a new lift beginning near the Super Quad up to Bullwinkles. That would open up that terrain and take heat off the SQ. I think you could have it go up Haywire without much trail modification, might need to do an over/under of the SQ near the bottom though.
  • What kind of lift was it?

    A shame to lose a piece of history but safety trumps nostalgia all day all the time in my book.
  • A beautiful Stadeli.
  • I'm relatively new to SugarLoaf "loafer only since 2002", but i always like that lift.  I always wondered if there were long line on bucksaw back in the days before the SuperQuad?  I always felt it was isolated away, but people must have used it before the layout of the superquad changed everything.  Anybody have any recollection?

  • Yes, there were definitely lines on weekends on Bucksaw in 1970-1976. I can't remember specifically if they were shorter than the ones on the No. 2 T-bar and later the Double Runner chairs. I would take about 1/3 of my runs over there most days. After it's gone it will be a long skate from the bottom of Windrow or Glancer back to the Superquad, and Tote Road will be more crowded if people go that way to ski these runs.
  • What kind of lift was it?

    A shame to lose a piece of history but safety trumps nostalgia all day all the time in my book.

    It was Sugarloaf's first chairlift: a 1969 Städeli Double (http://newenglandskihistory.com/lifts/viewlift.php?id=374)
    - Sam
  • Sure don't look like it's falling apart. People are spoiled that they won't ride a slow lift - not even to avoid lines!
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    mapnut said:

    Sure don't look like it's falling apart. People are spoiled that they won't ride a slow lift - not even to avoid lines!

    Unfortunately that is very true. :(
    - Sam
  • Bucksaw was doomed by the Timbers condos--more particularly by the two gawd-awful bridges for Windrow over the roads to the parking lots for those condos.  Those two bridges are narrow, you can't see the downhill side on either bridge until you're on it; and the downhill sides are steep and normally icy.  Not the way that people who otherwise would enjoy skiing Bucksaw want to finish their run.  Thanks, ASC, you screwed that up too.

    A refuge on a crowded day, never windy, a great place for a few easy laps to finish off a day on the hill.  A leisurely ride to zone out in the afternoon sun.  Bucksaw will be missed by people who know the Loaf.

    Eventually a "replacement" will split the angle between Bucksaw and West Mtn.  A lot of good intermediate terrain there.  (Lots of untracked woods in the meantime.)  There's already a survey line and a logging yard just off the beginning of the West Mtn Rd. where the base would go.     Major fantasy:  a whole new base area and a new gondola to the summit with a mid-station right by Bullwinkles.  FANTASY!
  • Second that fantasy!

    Thanks for the info on the lines.  I will miss bucksaw, and i love fix grip chairs, a slow ride in the sun is always a good time to have some good chairlift talks!
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