The death of Bode Miller's daughter

It's kind of interesting that no one has posted on here about the death of Bode Miller's daughter. What does that mean, if I may ask?

It's obviously a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the entire family. I can't imagine how terrible everyone must feel.

That said, I was tremendously disappointed that a GoFundMe page was set up by a friend of Bode's wife to pay for medical bills and memorial costs in the hopes of raising $40,000. I'm sorry, but as sad as I feel for the family, this seems vulgar. Bode Miller is a wealthy man. How wealthy, I don't know, but his net worth is probably in the eight figures. Asking for the general public to pay for these sorts of costs for a wealthy family is kind of disgusting.


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    First I heard of it. Wish I never had. That’s horrible. Tragic. My condolences to the family.

    Net worth reported as $8M
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  • I hate internet shaming. Someone makes a nice gesture and everyone's a critic. People are not being forced to donate their $5-$100 to the girl's family, so let them judge whether or not Bode needs the money, and what he does with it is his business. My guess is he will do something positive with it. Rich or poor, you should never have to bury your kid.
  • Worse thing ever. My heart goes out to Bode's entire family. I expect this family is distraught enough to likely not even be aware of the GoFundMe thing, and they probably don't care. You know great things will come from money donated if the page is even legit.
  • Bubblecuffer, as a point of clarification, both Bode Miller and his wife linked to the GoFundMe page on their social media posts.

    Lotsoskiing, you have a point in that no one is forcing anyone to donate. I did not and will not, and I have made donations in other situations where there is real need. But this is not that situation, in my opinion. I'm sorry if you didn't like my original comments, but the fact is, I think this is in really bad taste. I know nothing of Bode Miller other than that he seems like a decent human being. But this episode doesn't make me think better of him.
  • I just clicked on the GoFundMe page and noticed there's been a major change.

    They have now added verbiage indicating that the money being contributed will be used to set up a Foundation in honor of their daughter.

    This was not what was originally stated. The original post said nothing of any sort of charitable purpose, but rather that the money was for the family.

    Further, even if they raised all $40,000 sought, that hardly makes for a charitable foundation. It barely pays the organizational legal fees.
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