Which conglomerate does the best job of....

....protecting the local flavour and feel of the resorts they acquire? Which conglomerate, on the other hand, homogenises them into copycats of one another?



  • Perhaps Powdr or Peak for the first question and definitely Vail for the second
    - Sam
  • I feel like Peak Resorts is getting their foot in the door and have a done a pretty decent job so far.
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    I agree Peak first question. Part 2, Intrawest used to do the most damage, now Vail has picked up the slack

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    I have to disagree with Powdr being an option for the first question. They came in a nuked everything Killington was known for until massive revolts from the skiing public got Nyberg to fail upwards bringing in Mike S.

    That said for the second question I agree that Intrawest and Vail have been the most cookie-cutter.
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