Cost of Glade Clearing

Below is part of an article about Winter Park in I’m surprised by the high cost of their gondi. Although I’m impressed that it will take 3600 pph out of the base area. The other price that seems high is clearing 21 acres for glades (“less than $1 mill.). It selective vs. clear cut, which I presume will limit the use of heavy machines. But would glading 21 acres in the East cost that much? What factors contribute to this high cost? Of course it says “less than” but I presume they’re thinking close to $1 mill.

The gondola, a Leitner-Poma model, is projected to cost $16 million. It has yet to be named.
The resort will also be replacing its 42-year-old snowmaking system in an effort to open more terrain earlier in the season. The project, which will cost $4 million, required replacing old pipes, as well as adding new, high-tech snowmaking guns.
"It's going to enable us to create a much better snow surface for those early seasons," Hurlbert said. "Man-made snow also plays a valuable role in establishing the base for the rest of the year."
The terrain will also see changes in tree coverage since the resort is logging 21 acres in its Eagle Wind territory. Hurlbert said that the logging is mainly to maintain forest health and remove trees that were affected by the pine beetle infestation, but will open up the area and improve glade skiing.
It will cost the resort less than $1 million to complete the logging.


  • The infestation might contribute as you probably can’t sell the lumber.
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  • From the sound of it it seems to be a bit more than standard glade clearing. There are so many dead trees from the pine beetles there probably is a lot of work to do. Eagle Wind is also high on the mountain so it probably is tough getting equipment up there.

    I skied Winter Park a few years ago and the Eagle Wind section is a lot of fun. I spent most of a day there going up and down the lift hitting the glades in there.
  • Goods points, especially that a lumber company doing the clearing can't sell the diseased trees/wood.
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