Killington Terrain Improvements

I didn't find the earlier thread but I don't recall these details:

Terrain Improvements
Killington Resort will continue to improve the on-mountain experience for its intermediate skiers and riders with a number of terrain improvements on the mountain. These improvements include trail widening and adding tunnels and bridges at the following intersections:
Great Northern and Bunny Buster and Mouse Trap
Great Northern and Upper Chute
Great Northern and Lower Chute
Snowshed Crossover at the Stash and Skyeburst
Tunnels, bridges, regrading and a slight re-route of Great Northern will improve the experience on several key intermediate trails by limiting trail intersections in high traffic locations and removing pinch points for more top to bottom trail runs.
Snowdon Poma Relocation
The Snowdon Poma lift will move to Swirl to create a dedicated race training venue for Killington Mountain School and Killington Ski Club. This move will open additional terrain to guests in the Snowdon area and allow for uninterrupted top to bottom skiing and riding.


  • Most important is how it will minimize crossing trails at certain key high traffic areas. Loon could use a few of these.
  • So is this the first grade separation between ski trails in the US? Will there be on- and off-ramps?
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