Who wants to ride a 1941 Constam t-bar???

You do! You know you do. It’s at Ski Vorlage near Ottawa.


  • Looks like fun. I love surface lifts...and I may be in the minority by saying that as far as surface lifts go, personally, I like the Poma lift better than the T-bar.

    BTW, the snow seemed really nice and soft in the video!!
  • That sounds exactly like the old Skidway and Whiffletree T-bars at Sugarloaf. The Ts look pretty much the same, but the towers don't.
  • Sugarloaf's towers were all an upside down u shaped frame made of I-beams. In the old days painted an orange color.
    If i remember right the coil springs at sugarloaf were black

    I have trouble with names for Sugarloaf's T-bars. When I started skiing there they just had numbers.
    #1 - On the Landing - Longer than current Skidway
    #2 - Where Double Runner West is Now
    #3 - Current Bateau T-bar
    #4 - Whiffletree Area - Springboard trail is it's old path
    #5 - King Pine Area - Misery Whip may be it's track
  • Wasn't the original T-bar, where DRC is, #1 and Skidway #2? #4 was Whiffletree and #5 was King Pine, and yes, Misery Whip is its old track. (Its base station was actually a little below the top of the current Whiffletree quad.)
    When did they get names? I recall when I started skiing there in 1977 that the names were pretty recent and were a good way to out yourself as a newbie.
  • When i started skiing there in the early 60's (before gondola) #1 was the bunny slope T-bar on the landing. #2 T-bar was actually the original one that went in, and at that time had been lengthened so there were lettered towers at the bottom, then numbered ones starting at the level of the old base lodge, which was still standing.
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