Freestyle T-bar riding


  • And THAT is why t-bars are so cool!!
  • Points for style, that's for sure. Could that be done on an old Halllift?

    Speaking of which--- does anyone know if the T-bar at Emery Park in South Wales is a Hall? My plan this winter is to get to actually ski it, if it's spinning.
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    Telescoping mast t’s like a Hall don’t lend themselves to aerial tricks like the spring loaded kind, such as a Mueller or Doppelmayr.

    I sure would like to see a Hall lift modified to use Doppelmayr hangers with spring loaded t’s!

    The twin t-bars at Emery Park are Snellers.

  • It's great until the idiot derails the lift!
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    That is a perfect way to derope a T-Bar. Save it for a jump clown.
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