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Here’s something for “low news season” (3/4’s of article). I presume this is discussing the electrical connection for fan guns. If this is 440v, I can see that good and safe mating is important. Making it easier is icing on the cake. | Home | 2018-08-08
TechnoAlpin: Work simplified by technological advance
Innovation and technology are central aspects in the work of TechnoAlpin which is why the machines and products made by TechnoAlpin are continually setting new standards in the snowmaking market. When it comes to sourcing special components from other manufacturers, the focus is also on the latest technology and uncompromising quality standards. This is why the company has been working closely with MENNEKES for many years. The global company supplies components which are installed by TechnoAlpin on supply points and machines.

MENNEKES has now developed a new contact sleeve solution for its industrial plugs and sockets which are already fitted by TechnoAlpin as standard. It is called X-CONTACT and offers numerous advantages. The contact sleeves of plugs and sockets are relevant to the quality of the closure of the contacts. They need to guarantee both secure closing action and easy handling. The innovative X-CONTACT boasts special design features and impressive material properties which make it considerably safer and easier to work with TechnoAlpin products.

The force required to plug and unplug connectors is very high due to the strength of the currents used in snow guns. It may occasionally be necessary for two people to carry out the disconnection process. The outstanding feature of the X-Contact technology in the industrial plugs and sockets used by TechnoAlpin is its great ease of movement which reduces the force required for plugging and unplugging by half. This makes it much easier for the snowmaking staff to handle the snow guns – even with the high current levels.


  • Why would you unplug anything with current flowing thru it
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  • You don't, they're referring to the mechanical strength in the plug design needed to keep it connected and passing current.

    I've never needed or seen 2 people to plug to unplug one so i dont get it.
  • Jeez, talk about blowing smoke up their own behinds. I love the line "which are already standard on Techno-Alpin as standard" aka this is us saying nothing to have something to say. Interesting little note here, Hermitage was a major part of T-A coming into the NA market and was a testing ground for new tech just a couple years ago.
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