Crotched Mountain - 2018-2019

Today is August 8, the date that next season is finally closer than last season, so it's time to start the new thread on Crotched Mountain!

The mountain remains very quiet. Some lawn mowing is going on below Mountain Road, but it doesn't appear that the upper mountain will be the beneficiary of a mid-summer mowing. (Mountain Rd. is an E6 road that traverses CM from where Galaxy turns back to the main area. If one continues its full length, it goes all the way to Greenfield.)

The last few years, there was growing interest in summer activities at the mountain, but there are no events scheduled on the Events page of the CM web-site or on the CM FB Page. I assume there will be an open-house sometime in the fall, but it has not been announced yet.

About an acre of underbrush, stumps and rocks have been cleared from Solstice Glade, eliminating a few choke points and adding a bunch of new lines for powder days. Solstice Glade has become quite popular in the last few seasons and without stumps and rocks, it can be skied with minimal damage to one's skis with 3" of natural snow, but with 6" or more, it's skiable even on a good pair of skis (IMO).

If you live east of the Connecticut River and have never tried CM, you ought to put it on your 2018-9 schedule. It's a superb regional area.


  • Joshua, has the mountain ops been maintaining any of the glades like debrushing them?
  • Remski said:

    Joshua, has the mountain ops been maintaining any of the glades like debrushing them?

    See PM.
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    Aug. 28, 2018 - Tuesday
    Lots of rain. I have never seen mosquitoes this thick, save the scene in the African Queen. Another reason winter is the best season of the year: no mosquitoes!
  • Great movie.

    Funny the black flies came back up here. I guess that's not funny is it.
  • As September nears its end, an update:

    For those who have enjoyed the stump-free, rock-free skiing on Solstice Glade, I'm pleased to report a huge expansion of the skiable area for the 2018-9 season. About an acre or so has been added on the east side and the west side was cleaned up a bit more with perhaps another quarter acre added. This should add many new lines for those powder days.

    The expansion should ease the bottleneck near the bottom where the glade hooks to the left (west) before crossing the Solstice Trail and exiting onto Magnitude.
  • Well thank you Joshua, that’s excellent news.
  • Thanks for that Joshua. I certainly enjoyed Solstice last season. Looking forward to the new lines.
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