Name the T-bar!


  • I remember one of the old J-Bars at Bromley which one could ride with ones feet off the snow, but it was inches - not yards!
  • A dual Tbar with high tension lines in the background... Quebec?
  • That is messed up. I have think something went very wrong on that bar.
  • Here's way for a snowboarder to ride a T-bar.

  • The funniest T-bar incident that I have witnessed in the last few years, was last winter at Bromley. My kids had a skills test day, which happens once a season for racers. The folks at the Bromley outing club who were running the event, scheduled the 1 ski skiing drill that was part of the skills event on the t-bar hill. As a parent, a bunch of us just stood near the base of the t-bar, laughing in hysterics, as our kids were trying to ride up the t-bar on 1 ski! It was looking like an old school Warren Miller movie segment where you're watching beginners trying to load/unload a lift! Crashes galore, often before the t made it to the first tower past the loading zone were the norm!

    Once our kids, who mind you are super comfortable ripping turns on any pitch/snow surface, realized that the person on the left side of the t-bar should have their left ski on and the person on the right side of the t -bar should have their right ski one, the t-bar stoppage decreased dramatically! :#
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