IKON Pass seems to have angered some Sugarloafers

there is some grumbling on various social media platforms...seems the Ikon pass wasn't selling so well, so they changed the number of days at Loon, SR and SL. Now the people who have already opted for a New England pass (? not sure I have all this correct) are upset because they might've opted for Ikon if this had been offered originally. And there's no add-on option this year. The early buyers are calling it a slap in the face. Again, not sure I have all the names and facts correct, but there's no mistaking the unhappy customers


  • I've seen people that are annoyed at cutting over to Peak or Epic who then saw the additional benefits of Icon more closely match the Max Pass, but fewer folks that bought the New England Pass bitter about the additional days added to Icon.

    That's probably because the New England Pass had the worst break even point of the pass products out there ($1129 back in April against $100 day tickets at Sunday river = ~12 day break even point). I can't think of many folks that would have seen that as a deal over the other multi-mountain products available at the time besides people already tied to Sunday River / Sugarloaf... in which case I'm sure Boyne would like to present them with this:

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