Black Mountain questions

Not sure if I’ve asked these before about Black but:

1) is that a lost ski area that’s visible from the summit (somehow I’m thinking it’s Tyrol but I have no idea)

2) does the Riblet-modified Mueller double chair still have Mueller sheaves or were they ribletified too?

Inquiring minds want to know! 😬



  • Not sure on the other mountain but sheaves are Mueller.
  • Is there any signs of Thorn Mountain still visible?
  • Yes, that's Tyrol from the top - when I first started skiing at Black in 1991, it was much more visible than today, but you can still make out the old trails which are now populated by birches/maples and not evergreens.

    Believe those are still Mueller sheaves.

    You can't see any signs of Thorn. There are still traces of Thorn though - including a tipped over outhouse, the old lower single liftline, collapsed lift building, and paved parking (under a foot of leaves/dirt!)

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