2018/2019 Ticket prices

Some 2018/2019 Window Rates are in.

Adult weekend full day window rates:
Kpeak went from $115 to $124, Mt Snow $100 to $110 (ouch), while the sister resorts of Hunter, Attitash & Wildcat $85 to $89.
That leaves these resort among others undecided for 2018/19: Crotched $69, Sunapee $93 & Okemo $110 (2017/18).
ISNE-I Skied New England | NESAP-the New England Ski Area Project | SOSA-Saving Our Ski Areas - Location SW of Boston MA


  • With the increase in multi-area cheap season passes, the pricing structure is starting to resemble multi-area amusement parks that offer absurdly cheap season passes compared to absurdly expensive day ticket rates. You can often times break even in as little as three visits on the major multi-area amusement park season passes (especially since they include parking). But those season passes are only $200 vs a full day rate of $60 or so... and the parks are open 10-12 hours instead of only 8.

    Pricing increases continually exceeding yearly inflation can't be good for the long term health of the industry. Wage stagnation means price increases plus inflation is even worse in terms of real feel.

    Thank goodness many smaller areas are still somewhat affordable. It used to be that the larger resorts were only $10-20 more than smaller local areas. Now they are $40-60+ more expensive than many local hills.

    I guess the takeaway is if you want to ski one of the major areas, get one of the cheap multi-area season passes.
  • riverc0il said:

    Thank goodness many smaller areas are still somewhat affordable.


  • With a Whaleback pass - K is $59.50 on Sun-Fri non-peak. Better discount than the Express Card but obviously more up front cost for the pass. But for WB regulars it's a hell of a deal.
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