Stabilizers on Bubble HS6

Below is part of a article. The middle paragraph says the bubble chair will have “wind stabilisers” (British spelling). Doppelmayr is the manufacturer of this HS6. There is a video that shows the chairs, but I don’t see anything special/different. Does anyone know what these stabilizers are?
In Kitzbühel, two new lifts within the existing ski resort boundaries will start running on 08.12.2018. These lifts will improve capacity in the increasingly popular Kitzbüheler Horn while maintaining its status as a quiet family ski area. The cost of this along with the expanded snowmaking facilities amounts to around €17 million.

The “6SB Brunelle” chairlift features special wind stabilisers, which will keep wind sensitivity to a minimum. The new lift will also be equipped with heated seats made from real leather, covers and mechanical safety bars.

The "Comfortline S 10EUB Raintal" gondola’s bottom station is at an altitude of 1,460m. The extra comfortable cabins fit up to 10 passengers, and travel time will drop from 11.7 minutes to just 3.6 minutes.
The top and bottom stations will blend in seamlessly with the landscape thanks to their shingle, concrete and glass architecture.


  • 3.6 minutes?!? How far?
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  • Just guessing, but the 2 springs that seem to hold the actual chair to the frame might be the wind stabilizers.
  • Length? The full article switches between the HS6 and the gondi. That paragraph is about the gondi but the article doesn't give the length of either.

    Stabilizers? Thanks, that's a reasonable guess.
  • YES! They had these things at LAAX when I went over to Switzerland to go riding in March! I kid you not I have videos of me riding a bubble quad chair up over 7,000ft and above the tree line in a legit 45mph+ steady crosswind just ripping across the liftline. The chairs just did not move, like at all, even the empty carriers just did not move. It was absolutely crazy, would have shut down any lift I've ever been on in New England. I was part terrified and part confused as we were loading because it was just so windy and somehow they were just running all the lifts still with maybe one or two exceptions. They had the same system on their other 6 packs, one of which was a Porsche designed BMF with black leather racing buckets seats and loaded at a weird angle and then adjusted back to the proper position. They claim they have that unique set up to allow the chair to be angled and looking at the scenery not the chair in front of them.

    Meanwhile the Stratton gondola... don't breathe heavily or it'll be shut down for the day.

    Here's a video from that trip, there's a clip in the middle where I held the GoPro below the bubble and you can see/hear the wind whipping and the carriers just not being bothered by it at all.

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    Whoa, SJ has come so far lol and really been brought into the 21st century, look at that, we have videos within posts now, TEH HAPS!
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    Double whoa! Nice postcard with good editing! Some of these GoPros go on way too long but yours is viewable.
    And hey my kid was in Berlin last March too! But didn't go skiing :( Life is good!!
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