Poma and Might Mite Combi Lift

The photos didn't download. This looks like a Mighty Mite with the standard 1 1/2' plastic handle attached to the cable, with a 2 1/2' handle and disk attached to that. There is certainly flex where the handles attach. A sketch and the article seem to indicate there is flex (rotation resistance) at the handle to cable attachment. This looks like a fix to traditional rope tows and Mighty Mites w/o the expense of a carpet lift.

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The Sunkid Comfort platter lift solves the issue of users of different sizes

The Comfort-platter lift is supported on the rope freely rotatably and will adjust to the individual size of the user - ideal for children and adults, skiers and snowboarders

You will be familiar with the situation: if adults are riding on a rope lift with a lower rope and stiff bracket, the children before and behind them will have some immense problems staying in the lift. With the Comfort bracket that turns freely on the rope, however, Sunkid has found a matching solution.

The Sunkid Comfort Star and its height-adjustable Mega Comfort Star version do not use a bracket installed stiffly on the rope (rope twist!), but are equipped with the flexible Comfort platter lift. The term "comfort" is chosen perfectly: the Comfort platter lift will not only adjust to the different sizes of passengers, but even compensates for different rope heights with its ability to move, e.g. if the snow heights change. This variability will also enable winter athletes to use the bracket in different ways – with the platter between the legs, as a hand grip on the side or as an anchor on the back.

Overview of the advantages of the Comfort-platter lift:
Supported rotatably on the steel cable,
Permitting adjustment to the passengers (adults or children)
Compensation of different rope heights (e.g. if the snow height changes)
Possible cable twist is not passed on to the bracket
Various usage options:
1. Platter between the legs
2. Hand grip on the side or
3. Anchor on the back
Adults and children, skiers and snowboarders alike can profit from the flexibility of the platter lift
The Comfort platter lift can be retrofitted on existing systems; (not limited to Sunkid systems, but certain prerequisites must be met, e.g. concerning rope diameter, disc diameter and geometry, travelling speed, …)



  • There is one at Whaleback. It's an interesting lift, and there are at least three different ways that I have found to ride it.
    - Sam
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  • That's it. It appears to incorporate the "best of three worlds".
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    That lift is a workhorse Brukshlagle tow (sp?) and has some interesting history. It forms part of Whaleback's "Triad" Learning Area - Magic Carpet to Tow to T-Bar as skills increase. When there are a 100 kids in the After School programs on the hill all three get good use.

    This lift originally was the tubing lift and was situated on a slope in the woods past the current location. Tubing was shutdown in the mid to late 2000s and the lift sat there ever since unused. The mountain was renting a similar rope tow for skiing use, so 2 years ago UVSSF relocated the tubing lift to it's current location and installed the platter handles. So they got a better lift and stopped having to lease a tow. At the same time, the carpet was relocated to it's current location on a flatter slope closer to the lodge.

    There is a learning curve for first time riders but once they figure it out after a couple runs people find it nice to have multiple ways of riding. The younger kids just hold on and as the person gets bigger they use the disc. The mountain calls it a Mighty Mite, Tow lift, Platter, etc depending on who is talking! Definitely a neat lift.
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