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What’s New at Sunday River for 2018/19

Capital Improvements

Phase One: Double Snowmaking Capacity

This year, Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine will invest $4 million in capital improvements across a variety of projects. The most significant of these projects takes the first step towards doubling the resort's water capacity for snowmaking. The renovation, which will be completed at the end of this summer, includes nearly two miles of newly-engineered ductile iron high-pressure pipe and a new 600 horsepower pump and will increase capacity for the 2018-19 season by 15 percent.

Sunday River has continually invested in its snowmaking capabilities over the years to provide skiers and riders with the most dependable snow in New England. Upgrades to the system's infrastructure will remain a priority in the future in order to maximize the potential that this summer's upgrades will offer. Presently, Sunday River's on-mountain snowmaking system services 90 percent of the groomed terrain, and includes 2,000 snow guns, most of which are energy-efficient, 2,200 hydrant stations, and over 80 miles of pipe.

Enhanced Learning Terrain

In an effort to increase the usable terrain outside of the SnowSports School in the South Ridge Base Area by two acres, Sunday River recently completed a project to fill in a small ravine where the Sundance and Ridge Run trails intersect. This change in terrain will offer better skier flow through this high-traffic area, an improved experience for those visiting us to learn to ski or snowboard, and will allow the SnowSports School some additional space to gather, organize, and lead their group and private lessons.

Sunday River will now be able to incorporate terrain-based learning for beginners to learn more quickly and efficiently. Terrain-based learning is becoming an increasingly important piece of the learning puzzle for the ski and snowboard industry because it gives beginners a "perfect slope" to practice these new skills. Terrain-based learning elements will be achieved by having our grooming team build elements out of snow to create the perfect slope surface.

New Products: Ikon Pass Partnership

Sunday River Resort is proud to be an Ikon Pass partner, which allows purchasers to visit 35 ski areas worldwide with either five or seven tickets to the Newry, Maine resort.

Threedom Pass

With the new Threedom PassTM, guests get three days of skiing or riding at Sunday River to use anytime during the winter season, and then they can save 40 percent on lift tickets Sunday through Friday and 20 percent on Saturdays and holidays for as many additional days as they want. This allows more flexibility for skiers and snowboarders visiting Sunday River.


  • How many gallons per minute will they be pumping?
  • Around 8500 GPM.
  • That sounds minuscule since Crotched Mtn. can put out 6000 gpm.
  • edited October 2
    Sure and they drain their pond in the blink of an eye too. Keep in mind GPM is only one of multiple variables when comparing snowmaking capacity between mountains. There's water supply, power restrictions (both utility and on mountain), air capacity, snow gun inventory, labor, physical piping topology, etc.

    When Crotched was rebirthed they went airless and wanted to be able to open the entire place very quick, in that sense it makes sense to have very high pumping capacity, and you need that with fan guns as they draw 2-3X times the water of an air/water gun on average.

    I believe Sunday River is now actually up over 9,000 GPM with the new 600 HP pump that went in.

    For comparison:

    K takes the cake at around 12K GPM - an amazing system with unrestricted water that can feed water and air to the entire hill from Bear and Snowshed.
    Mount Snow, Stratton both around 10K
    Okemo around 9K
    Wachusett is at 8K, they can literally open the whole place within days.
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