Adjustable Height Loading Conveyors

Below is a comment about adjustable height loading. It’s about Big Sky’s Ramcharger, to “more safely load small children”. I’ve never seen one. However, I presume it changes height across the whole chair width. Might that make it harder for adults to load? How long does it take to raise the conveyor, then lower back to normal? What about unloading, don’t small children face similar difficulties? It seems like the old, ‘liftie slow the lift and dad lift the child up’ is ok.

There are a few of the height adjustable loading conveyors in the US and Canada, so not quite the first. Closest ones are at Bridger Bowl-Powder Park in 2009, and on the new VC lift in 2017. The three others by Chairkit are at Snoqualmie (2) and Crystal (1). Note the Boyne USA areas!
However, this is the first on a detachable lift in North America, I believe.
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