Attitash removes 50 yr. old Top Notch double

From their Instagram:

attitashmountainresortSaying goodbye.
Mountain Ops team taking down the old Hall Lift.


  • Thanks for sharing Tom, just posted on our Facebook page. This was a classic lift. I last rode it probably 25 years ago. It has barely run at all in the last few years.
  • I wonder how many 50 year old Halls are still operating.
  • > @ciscokid said:
    > I wonder how many 50 year old Halls are still operating.

    I can think of two double chairs almost as old as me at Labrador as well as a Hall t-bar there nearly 60 years old.

    I believe the Madonna chair at Smuggs is 50 years old.
  • The west double at CM was installed as a Hall in 1969. While the towers and bullwheels are still original Hall, I think the drive has been replaced making it a Hall/CTEC/Doppelmayr hybrid.
  • Ok then I wonder how many Halls are running on original drives 50 yrs old
  • There are three original Hall doubles at Bolton Valley, and three also at Smuggs over 50. East basin chair at Loon turns 50 this fall, but it's been updated.
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    There are many and I doubt we can list them all. We could probably find all the ones in New England.
    - Sam
  • Iirc skilifts said Hall built over 600 lifts. I'm betting a minimum of over half are still spinning
  • I took these a few years ago, probably February 2002. It was super cold that day


    709 x 726 - 161K
    800 x 600 - 178K

  • I'm surprised Smuggs gets accolades w it's old slow Hall long lifts
  • Top notch yesterday with her cable all spooled up
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