Another NELSAP area developed into housing

I see that the upper slopes of the Frontenac /lynx creek ski area in Plymouth NH have been developed into housing lots. Some of the listings even mention the old ski slopes. While the Frontenac ski lodge seems to be doing a good business the new development will effectively rule out any possible changes the skiing returns sad to see.

Here is a copy of the link

Ski Lift Ln Lot 16, Plymouth, NH

$49,900 | -- bd • -- ba

See details at


  • Thanks for sharing - I'm so glad I had the chance to ski here mid-Feb 1995, after skiing Cannon and Mittersill for the first time earlier in the day. That view looks like the narrow trail that went off into the woods whose lights had failed 1/2 way down, and that I was skiing down in complete blackness. It was a nice bucket list area with a $7 ticket for that very brief public reopening (it was a private ski camp for decades).
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