Killington Oct 25, 2018

First day of the 2018-2019 season in the books. A new record set this year for me, from the latest last skiing day on May 5 to today, the shortest time between ski days!

Killington is still operating on riding the gondola, then walking down the peak walkway to the top of the North Ridge Triple. They are blasting snow on Great Northern to connect soon to at least ski down to North Ridge, but no sign yet of a route to the base of Snowdon. Snowguns were blasting on Rime, Reason, and Superstar as well. Rime and Reason were the two open trails. Each is 1/2 mile long and 583' vertical (per Google Earth and Lift installations. My Trace App showed about 550-560/run and my Garmin triathlon watch showed 620-625'/run).

Aside from the roaring snowguns, the skiing was terrific - no bare spots, wall to wall coverage, temps in the lower-mid 20s, and crowds relatively light - no more than a 2-3 chair wait at the absolute most.

As a nice surprise, I recognized fellow SJ'er Joshua on Rime, and it was great catching up and making numerous runs!

26 runs, 15150' of vertical, 13.3 miles. Not bad at all for the first day of the year, and better than other early Killington days which featured 10-30 min waits for the triple on weekends. Weekdays is the way to go!

Top of the Triple with Joshua



Lower Rime

Base of North Ridge Triple


  • Great!

    Who wouldn't recognize the Lone Ranger with the home made hat and snowy mustache.
    When I meet him I'm going to try to get a free senior lesson from him. After all he was instructor of the year a few yrs back in Ski magazine.
  • Certainly doesn't look like October does it. great pics.
  • It was indeed great seeing Jeremy (nelsap). It had been a few years and we had a lot of catching up to do - but we had a lot of runs together to catch up. How the time has flown away. Can't believe we've known each other for close to 20 years - back when the concept of "NELSAP" was just a term paper at college for Jeremy.

    His new book on the Berkshires was a major topic of our conversation and it sounds like it will be really interesting.

    And cisco: I see that Jeremy posted more pictures than I would in an entire season!
  • Great to see another early season report! It makes me appreciate Sunday River not running snowguns on the trails that were open.
    - Sam
  • Joshua you remind me of Yukon Cornelius lol
  • ciscokid said:

    Joshua you remind me of Yukon Cornelius lol

    I don't know who that is.
  • A Christmas kids show
  • ciscokid said:

    A Christmas kids show

    Aah. That's why I never heard of it. LOL
  • So, what place are you in Joshua? You're getting an early start! Are Scott and Bruce at it daily already?
  • marcski said:

    So, what place are you in Joshua? You're getting an early start! Are Scott and Bruce at it daily already?

    For those who don't know what marcski is talking about, he is referring to the app, "Trace Snow", where many people keep track of their cumulative season statistics. It runs from June 1 to May 31 of the following year.

    Answering marcski's questions: Scott H. is pretty much daily. Bruce C. has been to Killington 3 times, but his home area is Stowe. And it takes a while in the fall to catch up with the Southern Hemisphere people. Scott got a headstart with a week in Chile last summer and will be in the top 25 within a week or two.

    Guiness is working to authenticate Scott's claim for most vertical ever in a single season last year (about 6.5M vertical). He says he's only planning on 5.5M vertical this season.

    Scott's biggest day last season was 143 runs on the Rocket at Crotched Mountain where he logged 131K vertical.
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