guess where ski lodges-bars-restaurants



  • 25. Windham Mountain
  • JimK said:

    Lotso correct. WAG correct on 29. Just missing 25.

    Can't place the lodge on 25. Does not fit Stratton- no Bromley in background, and Mt Snow has no lodge in that kind of area. Ditto Jiminy and Okemo.
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    sugarloaf #25

  • sugarloaf #25

    Agreed, now...
  • Rick is correct on 25. Summary:
    25. Sugarloaf
    26. Sunday River
    27. Whiteface (duh)
    28. Park City
    29. Summit of 9990 at Park City/Canyons.
    30. Black Mt, NH

  • JimK said:

    Lotso correct. WAG correct on 29. Just missing 25.

    25. Sugarloaf? - Bullwinkles in the clearing
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    So the Sundance film fest is not at... Sundance?
  • 25 Sugarloaf
  • Jim what's your skiing "schedule " this year?
  • ciscokid said:

    Jim what's your skiing "schedule " this year?

    I have a senior season pass at Snowbird and hope to ski there almost daily from late Feb to early May. Before that I hope to ski a fair amount in the mid-Atlantic, including a gathering of friends on Feb 1-4 at formerly lost Laurel Mtn Ski area in western PA. Anyone reading this is welcome to ski with us there. I also have plans to hit a few places in CO and MT while out west. Thanks for asking. I'm sorry that I will miss the NH gathering. You guys are my online ski-pen-pals and provide a lot of encouragement to post reports/stories/photos.
  • Went skiing and missed the whole last batch. Last time i make that mistake!!!
  • 25 looks like Saddleback
  • null
    Yup - the Sundance Film fest isn't at Sundance, but at Park City. To the point where when my family was out in Park City during Sundance a few years ago (IMHO A GREAT time to go as the slopes are EMPTY!!) and we went to go see Starwars Rogue One down at the theatres in Kimball Junction, my family literally got to walk the Sundance Red Carpet on the way to the theatre as that multi screen movie theatre was one of the official Sundance film screening theatres!
  • Wow, what's Plake doing with short shaped ski's??
  • He was working on his PSIA Level 3 certification exam at Sunday River, IIRC it was spring of 2012. Very friendly to all the other instructors going through tests at same time, including my son.
  • More! More! (please) :)

  • Yes because of this I was re reading Jims fine award winning trip reports of yesteryear

    His son wrote well at 17 at lemassif, and skis well
  • Another batch:






  • 31. Steamboat
    32. Mount Snow
    33. Stratton (just kidding)
    34. Altabird
    35. Snowbasin
    36. Stratton

  • That was quick! Correct except for 33 and 36.
  • I'm sticking with Stratton ;)

  • 33 Quebec city
  • second for 33 -- quebec city
    36 -- Pepi's in Vail Village
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    31. Steamboat
    32. Mount Snow
    33. Quebec City
    34. Altabird (roof top hot tub at Cliff Lodge, Snowbird)
    35. Snowbasin
    36. Vail
  • Hey i finally got one
    Pays to read your D.C. Reports of 10 years ago
  • You guys are black diamond "guess where" sleuths. I'm hoping there are a few tougher ones in this batch. There is also one area that was depicted in one of the earlier photos. It's hard to keep coming up with different photos of lodges from different areas after about 40 photos. Also, I left my little external hard drive with 1000s of ski photos at my son's house, so it's harder for me to pull up a real wide variety of older images.

    37. This was taken by a friend.



  • 40.



  • 40. Alpine Meadows
    41. Loveland
  • 42 is some kind of top shack I think. There's a Cascade toboggan on the left hand side. Casella recycling---Mad River??
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  • 40 is Alpine Meadows. 41 is not Loveland. 42 correctly is MRG, Stark's Nest.
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