Cold snowmaking weather coming

I anticipate getting out to Caberfae the day after Thanksgiving with my good friend Ted looks like good window of snowmaking opportunity come the middle of the week here in the Midwest


  • Looking very good for snow making. But I know how the forecast can change, fingers crossed that it does't image
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  • that looks really good --where is it?

  • that looks really good --where is it?

  • Lucky Michigan. The forecasts I've seen for New England, at least southern and central N.E., call for warmer, wetter weather compared to last winter. But long-range forecasts are tricky, so don't worry about this now. There will be plenty of time to worry in the next few months.
  • All of the eastern areas are going to get a super window for snowmaking starting end of this week, even the So. East! That being the case any area that doesn’t take advantage of it might regret that decision later on.
  • Tug hill should be on the receiving end of 6-12 this weekend and possible Nor' Easter in the Pipe next week....Keep on eye on Tuesday/Wed could get interesting and some early season powder.
  • Ted Reilly and I are planning the day a after Thanksgiving for our opening day at Caberfae and I think they will have the North Peak and all of the north section open for a whopping $15

    The snowmaking forecast this week is very good in the mid-20s every night so the guns will be blazing looking forward to many WebCam shots
  • Close to a foot predicted for high terrain in VT Friday night
  • Ski BRULE in Up of Mi opens today w free skiing , too bad its 8 hrs drive
  • Well who got what and besides Cat and K , SR who's open?
  • Wachusett cranking last night, check the webcam for results.

    Despite the coming monsoon tomorrow it should not be long.

  • webcam at MRG earlier today, snow was quite tracked out they must've had a lot of people earning their turns yesterday

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    Wildcat was Ok today, quite variable. Guns on Middle Lynx were very wet causing issues for many, including me.
    Anything not groomed was rutted ice.
    Wentt down after a couple of runs for a quick wax and the shop was closed. O well. Fun day, no crowds.
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  • cool shot, almost looks like a lenticular cloud forming over Mt. Washington

  • We may see some single digits near Glens Falls, NY here on Wed night. That has never happened before so early in the season. Bring it on!
  • cool shot, almost looks like a lenticular cloud forming over Mt. Washington

    Pretty close! Called a "cap cloud"
  • Mt Washington observatory said today that lenticular clouds formed over both Washington and Wildcat yesterday. That's why it was cloudy on Wildcat when it was sunny all around!
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    From MWOB Instagram
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  • Caberfae to open this Saturday 11/17, should be my earliest day out
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    Mohawk Mountain is making snow. This is very early for a Connecticut ski area. No announced opening day.

    Add Ski Sundown to that list, but it looks like they just started snowmaking this morning.

    Ski Conditions Report: A detailed report describing the snow conditions on the mountain the day of your visit. Skiers should become familiar with the following snow surface descriptions: Ice: Packed Powder, Slush: Packed Powder, Frozen Granular: Packed Powder , Packed Powder - A thin covering of snow over bare earth.


    Ted sent this
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