2018-19 World Cup results

Well I caught the tail end of The Levi Finland slalom that Michaela won.

We had a fella here yearly posting results I don't know where he went.

Does somebody want to report World Cup results?(not I)


  • Hirscher (Austria) won today in Levi, 0.09 ahead of Kristoffersen (Norway) and Myhrer (Swe)

    Looks great for Killington women's races next weekend.
  • couple of injuries this weekend, Svindal in training, Neureuther also injured but not sure how/where

  • Who will be or is at Kmart?
    NBC at 3 today , 1 tomorrow
  • Giant Slalom, Second Run
    LIVE: 1:00-2:00 p.m. November 24th on NBCSN
    DELAYED: 3:00-4:30 p.m. November 24th on NBC

    Slalom, Second Run
    LIVE: 1:00-3:00 p.m. November 25th on NBC
  • Looks like Mikaela missed the podium today:
    1 - BRIGNONE Federica
    2 - MOWINCKEL Ragnhild
    3 - BRUNNER Stephanie
    4 - SHIFFRIN Mikaela
  • Looks like Mikaela missed the podium today:
    1 - BRIGNONE Federica
    2 - MOWINCKEL Ragnhild
    3 - BRUNNER Stephanie
    4 - SHIFFRIN Mikaela

    What trail were they racing on ?


  • They race on Superstar at Killington.
    - Sam
  • I thought it was a trick question with the non English YouTube
    What language?
  • Anyone hear how big the crowd was?
  • I heard roughly 20,000.
    - Sam
  • I didn't realize how "flat" Lake Louise was
  • Killington kicked a$$ today!! F-16 flyovers plus an AWESOME race!! The Beast showed why nobody in the East can come close to them when they flex their muscle!!
  • null
    You'll never hear most any racer say that Lake Louise is a career defining win, since it's not a tough track, but they all love it, since it's an easy track. You'll never hear any male racer say that the Hannenkam in Kitzbeühel is an easy track, bit they ALL want to win it!

    A loved course and a tough course are often diametrically opposed ...
  • damn! I love flyovers. that's awesome! US Ski Team was reporting 18,000

    let's hope the weather holds!!!!!!!! :o :o :# :s

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    Dr Mike!

    Sorry I like Dr Quinn

    Also like the fact she could have Thanksgiving dinner w her 80 yr old grandma 2 hrs down the road

    Is her family ( grandma) still from NH?
  • No, her grandmother lives somewhere in Mass.
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    Shiffrin slays Killington slalom for home snow victory.
    ISNE-I Skied New England | NESAP-the New England Ski Area Project | SOSA-Saving Our Ski Areas - Location SW of Boston MA
  • Great crowd turnout considering how good the skiing was elsewhere in New England. I went to the first two World Cups at K but opted to ski this year.
  • Line for the single at MRG was close to an hour long on Saturday, but well worth it...
  • I'm guessing the crowd was slightly down from previous years. I heard 18K on Sat. and 15K on Sun. I think it was just under 40K for the two days last year.
  • null
    From having been there all 3 Saturdays. This year, especially for the 2nd run, I believe the 18+k crowd estimate. It really filled in for run #2, verses run 1 where based on the crowd up on the hill along side the finish area/last couple of gates abd infront of the bleacher I was sitting in, was maybe 10k

    After doing this for 3yrs now, Killington has this event figured out, abd they keep doing a better job each year
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    Shiff does it again at Moritz


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