GoPro hero 3(5yrs old) playback problems

I installed a new 32 gb Sandisk micro and it won't play back in the camcorder with adapter or thumbnail into TV. All other micro chips show GoPro on tv but this one says Sony and won't play.

I noticed while charging it with Ted's charger the blue light was blinking indicating wifi.Didnt even know it had wifi capability 5 years back.

Also heard some issues with Sandisk?

Can anyone help?


  • There are a number of things which might be wrong. I would make sure the card isn't locked out, and that the camera supports a card of that size and/or class.
    - Sam
  • I have the same exact 32 gb Sandisk from last January trip with Ibrake4tbars and Conrad and it works fine.

    The light was on blinking red when I was recording

    Can wifi effect recording?( I don't even know if they have wifi at Caberfae)
  • Caberfae has WiFi, but you have to a password to sign in
  • Well Ted bought or should I say was given a new go pro five hero and we will see how his work Saturday at Caberfae. I have to learn how to use the go Pro app like Ted and see how that works and we will take it from there
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