Where is Cab planning on inventing a 3rd Peak?

I saw Ciscokid’s pic with the mounds of earth ready to be sculpted into a new cavalcade of skiing joys but for the life of me I cannot figure out where they plan to do this. Are they filling in some of the excavated area or do they have something else in mind?



  • The excavated area has pine saplings planted in it in a way to make up part of a trail system. They have moved more earth around that area over the summer. The new peak will be next to the North Peak. You can see where there is some upper trail work that is coming together. I will try and gets some pics on Saturday
  • I may be joining you and Ciscokid at Cab this Saturday. Not 100% but I’ll know more in a day.
  • Jim is also going and a very good possibility there will be venison on the grill
  • Ted said he was talking to a ski patroller last week who said they were going to put in nine holes of golf and the old back country that should be really interesting
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