Copper Mt. New Lift Incident

This is a chondola, I think they use a word with a T, Themix or similar. If I was a pass holder there, I would want them to find something actually wrong or broken. “All looks fine now,” would not be very reassuring. Also, I’m hoping typist isn’t part of the repair crew! | Home | 2018-11-29
Statement regarding chairlift incident at Copper Mountain Resort
At approximately 11 a.m. on Nov. 26, a gondola cabin from the American Eagle lift, currently under construction, detached from its calbe resulting in the cabin falling to thre ground just after exiting the base terminal. The incident occurred uring the tesing process. The lift was not open to the public and no one was harmed.

A review by Leitner-Poma, the manufacturer and construction contractor, indicated that no critical components wwer damaged. There are no additional delays as a result of this incident.

The safte of the employees, contractors and guests is number one proority. Copper is working closely with the Leitner-Poma team and the Colorado Passenger Tramway saftey Borad to ensure that, once completed, the American Eagle lift will operate safely and reliably.


  • The T word is Telemix- LP’s terminology for mixed use with gondolas and chairs. The accident was caused by the grip becoming entangled with a piece of construction material in the bottom terminal. Not a design or safety issue.
  • Thanks, that's good news.
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