The "worst name for a ski area"



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    While this thread continues to draw interest, there has been virtually nothing new to add since "Summary #2" dating to Aug. 2015:  This is being inserted more to remind new posters of the duplicates that continue to flow in:

    Politically Incorrect:
    - any area with the word "Squaw" in it

    Name implies an unpleasant state-of-being
    - Misery Mountain, AB
    - Poverty Hill (lost), NY

    Name implies less than great skiing:
    - Blandford, MA
    - Bogus Basin, ID
    - Dry Hill, NY
    - Lac Vert, QC

    Name has "body part" or "bodily function" potential
    - Beaver Creek, CO
    - Big Rock, ME
    - Crotched Mtn., NH
    - Schroon Lake, NY

    Name is odd in some nondescript way
    - Jackass Ski Bowl, ID (now Silver Mtn.)
    - Satan's Ridge, CT (now Sundown)
    - Suicide Six, VT

    Name bothers some, but its just the shape of the hill's peak:
    - Camelback, PA
    - Crotched, NH
    - Hogback, VT
    - Ragged, NH

  • bmwskier said:

    Poverty Hill - Ellicottville, NY

    You must be a real local to know that name, Abomimable! 
    Western New Yorker all my life!

    All right! Another partaker of 4 am bar closings in Erie County

    Grew up in South Buffalo.  Started patrolling when I was 15 following in my father's footsteps who was an original member of the HVSP. Brother joined two years afterwards. Used to get into Madigan's, the Ginmill and the E'ville Inn on a fake ID. Even managed to get into the Rusty Nail once. Did you ever ski The Concord Club? Never managed to get over there though when I go back I'll hike it and Cockaigne.

    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
  • the names in the table are not that bad, all have character.

    the worst of all time is Nordic Valley utah, as its  an alpine area.... 
  • Yawgoo Valley in Rhode Island is a horrible name. What is a Yawgoo? By the way I skied there Thursday early evening after an appointment in the area
  • Purgatory Resort, CO.
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