Where to buy boots in nj

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Finally going to get new boots after 7 terrible years in my old racing boots and I'm excited to say cost is not an option.

I live a stones throw from mountain creek so I'm looking to buy a new pair that will also be fitted to my feet...maybe even with the electric boots warms cause screw cold feet.

I know there is macafee hinos pelican....where would you go to speak with someone who is acutally knowledgeable and not just looking to make a buck.

Vermont amd the Tristate area only.
My heart bleeds for winter.


  • Last season my daughters both sprang for custom fitted boots.   One went to Heinos and had a fabulous experience, perfect fit.  She's PSIA 1, instructed at Attitash last season spends a lot of time in her boots.  Recommends Heinos.

    My other daughter went to Stan & Dan's in North Conway and has experienced pain and misery despite returning a number of times for adjustments.  Paid top dollar for the privilege.  Next trip home she's bringing her boots to Heino's to see if there's anything they can do.

    Also utmost confidence in Steve, Sabine & co at McAfee, with the suggestion to go pre-season because they do sell out of stuff and it is usually a madhouse once Mountain Creek opens.

    I only go to Pelican for parts

  • I've never been, but I've heard great things about boot fitting at Heino's.
  • Went to Heino's.

    They took care of me good. Set me up with a full fitting and custom insoles on a new pair of boots.

    Price was about $85 more expensive (including cost of fitting) had I bought the boots online and brought them in but they assured me in the first month or two of the season they would give me free adjustments if anything were wrong with the fit so I figured that was worth the up charge. 
    My heart bleeds for winter.
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