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Does this happen to anyone else? I haven't logged on to NELSAP since Thursday. When I did, this morning (Tuesday) it greeted me with this (or something like it). You must be a new fellow. Sign in or Register. I ain't new. I've been on the old format and this one for a while. But, o.k., I signed in. It said it didn't recognize me. So I figured, what the hell, I'll register again. This time it said I am not a human. Look, I know I'm 85 years old, but I don't know of any law that says that when you get to 85 you no longer are a member of the human race. If that's a NELSAP rule, get rid of  it!
Eventually, I got on and was kicked off a couple of times. Now I'm on again, for how long I don't know. If I've upset anyone, I apologize. If I owe dues, send me a bill. But don't kick me off. It's lonely out here.


  • Hi Bill, don't be lonely! I, for one, am glad to hear from you.
  • mapnut said:

    Hi Bill, don't be lonely! I, for one, am glad to hear from you.

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    That does sound strange Bill. I don't think I'd re register if it asked me to.
    That hasn't happened to me. Yet. I can often login and turn my computer off or close phone screen & come back later and still be logged in. This happens even though my computer browser is set to delete history. But then sometimes I have to login again.
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  • I've had it too............doesn't work as well as SJ 1.0 (but I say that about a lot of new computer apps)..........a semi-luddite...........
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